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The GOAT mindset: Expedia reveals 2022's biggest travel trend

Today, Expedia® released its 2022 Travel Trends Report revealing new traveller priorities that are shaking up the status quo in 2022. As more countries begin to welcome travellers back and demand spikes 1 for international destinations such as Maui, Rome and Bali, Expedia's research reveals around two-thirds 2 of Canadians (61%) are planning to go big on their next trips with a new "no regrets" style of travel, which Expedia has dubbed the "GOAT" (Greatest of All Trips) mindset.

Appreciating that each trip is a privilege, travellers are in pursuit of more transformative and fulfilling journeys, without holding back. Among the top GOAT characteristics uncovered by the Expedia report, which polled 12,000 travellers across 12 countries, Canadian travellers are planning to be more present and live in the moment, immerse themselves in culture, splurge on experiences and seek out excitement, as they crave the feelings of contentment/mental wellbeing (41%), gratification (35%) and excitement/exhilaration (36%).

Mary Zajac, PR Manager for brand Expedia, comments: "Travel is no longer just about 'going somewhere.' Coming out of such a long period of constraints and limitations impacting Canadians, travel in 2022 will be about wringing every bit of richness and meaning out of our experiences, both domestically and internationally. Despite some still feeling cautious towards travel, a new wave of excitement is bubbling as travellers chase travel greatness to get their GOAT."

EXPEDIA'S 2022 GOAT TRAVEL TRENDS Expedia's trends report showcases how Canadians are embracing new habits and going big while offering tips to ensure all travellers can have their GOAT.

Scrapping the Schedule The pandemic made it difficult to travel or do anything on a whim, with 41 percent of Canadians admitting to being less spontaneous since the onset of COVID-19. While travel advisories and guidelines will persist for the foreseeable future, travellers nonetheless are planning to embrace the impromptu and let loose on their future trips, with 27 percent seeking to be more spontaneous and live in the moment.

Expedia's research also found travellers are preferring to go-with-the flow and forgo an itinerary (22%) to embrace the freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want (29%). With more flexible options and rates available than ever before, there's no better time to explore last-minute trips and unknown adventures that might just help travellers find their GOAT.

How to get your GOAT:

  • Destination Pick: To be spontaneous you do not have to go far, consider a weekend in Whistler, Montreal, or Victoria where you can let your wanderlust run free.

  • Expedia Travel Tip: Expedia wants travellers to have all the tools they need to make travel plans they feel confident and excited about for when possible to get away again. Travellers can filter search results for "free cancellation" or "reserve now, pay later" and select a refundable room type.

The Splurge-cation After cancelled trips, postponed celebrations and foregoing simple luxuries, people will have a new lease on life in 2022 and compromising will be a thing of the past. Travellers are ready to make up for lost time and go big to put themselves first and get the GOAT they deserve.

Over the next year, more than a third of travellers are more willing to treat themselves (36%) and prioritize their enjoyment and experiences over budget on their next trip. From booking a first-class flight or booking a 5-star hotel (11%), to dining at a Michelin star restaurant (21%) or going all out on the ultimate shopping spree (15%), there will be no expenses spared as travellers look to invest in making their trips all the more special.

How to get your GOAT:

  • Destination Pick: For those searching for the ultimate shopping spree, consider Paris, one of the world's top shopping destinations. If Michelin star restaurants is part of the agenda, add London's Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park on the list which is home to Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. Alternatively head to Athens, stay at Expedia VIP property COCO-MAT Hotel Athens and enjoy a sophisticated tasting menu at the Michelin star restaurant Spondi.

  • Expedia Travel Tip: And for those looking to treat themselves to luxe flying, now is the best time to upgrade. According to data from Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), average premium economy ticket prices in 2021 were 212 percent more expensive than economy tickets, whereas pre-pandemic, in 2019 average prices for a premium economy ticket were a huge 304 percent more expensive than economy3.

Immerse to Discover Going big doesn't just mean taking a bucket-list trip. In the coming year, travellers are going after their GOAT by going beyond the norm on their next trip, with more willing to step outside their comfort zone (20%) and immerse themselves in a destination, culture, and experiences completely different to their own (25%).

From embracing food they've never eaten before (37%) and experimenting with local delicacies (36%), to visiting a destination they never would have considered pre-pandemic (19%), staying with a local family instead of booking a hotel (13%) or seeking more rural, off-the-beaten track experiences (25%), travellers have a new curiosity to learn something new and truly experience the world.

How to get your GOAT:

  • Destination Pick: Canadians looking to go beyond the norm can find their ultimate GOAT in either Algarve (Portugal), San Diego or Kauai. There they will find local eats as well as plenty of vitamin D.

  • Expedia Travel Tip: Expedia's handy "Interest" filters will help narrow activity and experiences searches. For travellers looking to go beyond the norm on their next trip, try filtering by history and culture, or food and drink to indulge in a food tour to get the very best the destination has to offer.

Sensation Seeking In 2022, travellers aren't just craving new tastes and places, they're also yearning for the feeling of being excited and exhilarated once again (36%); nearly one in ten (6%) are hoping to feel a sense of danger or riskiness on their next trip, with almost ten percent (9%) willing to try daring or high adrenaline activities and experiences.

Additionally, when it comes to their next trip, one-quarter of travellers are most excited about doing things they would usually never do, including sleeping under the stars (15%), skinny-dipping (11%) or having a vacation romance (14%) on their next trip.

How to get your GOAT:

  • Destination Pick: Whether it's sky diving in Dubai, bungee jumping, or deep-sea diving in Oahu , Canadians are ready to feel wind in their hair again and the rush of exploring the unknown, to ensure they achieve their GOAT.

  • Expedia Travel Tip: Use Expedia's "Adventure & Outdoor" filter to narrow down experiences that will get the blood rushing and adrenaline pumping.

Unfiltered Enjoyment A successful trip is no longer defined by likes on social media; rather devices are out, and traveller priorities are shifting to place a greater focus on staying present and mindful, with 25 percent seeking trips that enable them to prioritize their mental health. Furthermore, nearly half (41%) are searching for a sense of contentment and mental wellbeing on their next trip, and one in five travellers (23%) will spend less time on their devices to be more present.

To reach this sense of contentment, more than a quarter of travellers (29%) also aim to spend more time in their destination to ensure they fully experience all it has to offer. Travel in 2022 will be about quality, not quantity, where travellers are embracing the simple pleasures to truly achieve their GOAT with more meaningful impact.

How to get your GOAT:

  • Destination Pick: Whether it's relaxing at a Mexico spa retreat, or staying at the Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa in Chile, these unplugged getaways will help Canadians recharge their batteries - no batteries required - and achieve their ultimate GOAT.

  • Expedia Travel Tip: Consider physically switching off gadgets when you are not working, locking them away or putting them out of sight to ensure you are truly present. Alternatively allocate a specific time to being online only and then switch off.

"To support travellers in their trip planning, Expedia has implemented a range of tools to help travellers make informed decisions. For the latest information on regulations and health and safety guidelines for their destination and origin visit Expedia's handy COVID-19 Travel Advisory, while using Expedia's "free cancellation" or "Book Now, Pay Later" filters will help travellers find options with flexible and refundable rates," said Mary Zajac, PR Manager for brand Expedia.

As travellers continue to plan and book their future trips, it's important to stay up to date with the latest government and travel advisories. For the latest information visit Expedia's COVID-19 Travel Guide.

About Expedia Expedia® is one of the world's leading full-service travel brands, with a mission of helping travellers get the most out of every trip they take by providing everything they need all in one place, ensuring they are getting the most out of their budget and above all else, feel supported every step of the way.

Our commitment to insights matched with our unprecedented scale allows us to understand our travellers better than anyone else, delivering exactly what they need, when they need it. Our personalized experiences backed by incredible technology, enables us to deliver the widest selection of product offerings across accommodations, transportation, activities, and experiences, that help you get the most out of your journey.

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