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Hi! my name is Chaz, and I have been living in Florida for the past five years with my wife and two dogs. It's been great but we have been forced to go on a couple of “hurrications” (road trip from Florida before hurricane hits because we have two dogs that are severely afraid of thunder and wind). The following is what we have discovered on our journeys. I am sure that we missed a couple of places, even with eating two dinners a night. Let us know what we missed, so we can check it out next time we pass through. Exploring new spots is what we love to do. Dont forget to subscribe to not miss the new content we put out. There are definitely a couple of stories we are going to put out that you shouldn't miss. Ps I would suggest a couple of work out sessions before you go because you will need two stomachs in most cities with all the amazing places to eat. We go on bike rides with the goal of not feeling guilty when we devour fried chicken and biscuits on our travels. Why do the tastiest things need to be fried? This road trip is for the Thrifty foodie Driving time: 32-36 hours add a couple hours by stopping in Atlanta Best time to go: The south gets hot so if you are an adventure seeker and the outdoorsy type try the fall. But the summer is full of festivals like Mardi gras.

Here is a list of the Cities we visited in order. If you click on their links it will bring you to our city guide section where we give you our lists of best neighborhoods to explore, things to do with kids, festivals happening, and much more.

Asheville, North Carolina

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