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Quirky Quest

Discover a realm where the weird is welcome and creatives take center stage. Quirky Quest is your haven for unconventional competitions, where the wonderfully strange is not only celebrated but rewarded, ensuring that your unique creativity finds the recognition it deserves.


  • Start Date: Now!

  • End Date: Until Montreal's last snowfall 

  • Judging Criteria: Likes on social media with #SnowSculptureChallenge

  • Prize: A delectable poutine from the restaurant of your choice and the prestigious Snow Sculpture Trophy!

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🌨️ What is it? Embark on an adventure of artistic expression in the snowy wonderland! The Snow Sculpture Challenge is your chance to turn powdery landscapes into unique masterpieces.

❄️ How Does it Work?

  • Start Date: Now!

  • End Date: Until the last snowfall

  • Judging Criteria: Likes on social media with #SnowSculptureChallenge

  • Prize: A delectable poutine from the restaurant of your choice and the prestigious Snow Sculpture Trophy!

📸 Share Your Creation:

  1. Craft your snow sculpture.

  2. Snap a photo or video showcasing your masterpiece.

  3. Post it on social media with #SnowSculptureChallenge. Enter the location so others can discover your find. 

  4. Gather as many likes as you can!

  5. Tag us in the post 

🌟 What's in it for You?

  • Show off your creativity.

  • Win a tasty treat and the title of Snow Sculpture Champion.

  • Join a community of fellow snow artists.

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First Place

### Quirky Quest Competition Rules and Guidelines

1. **Creativity Knows No Bounds:**
   - Unleash your imagination in our creative space where uniqueness takes center stage!

2. **Theme Definition:**
   - Clearly define the theme of your competition. Whether it's snow sculptures, travel diaries, or anything in between, make it specific and intriguing.

3. **Submission Format:**
   - Specify the acceptable formats for submissions, embracing the visual and social nature of our platform. Entries could include photos, videos, or other engaging formats.

4. **Community Engagement:**
   - Foster a supportive community by encouraging participants to engage with and appreciate each other's entries. Socialize your creativity!

5. **Prizes and Recognition:**
   - Define the prizes for the winners, and emphasize the social recognition that comes with participating in Quirky Quest. From quirky trophies to social shoutouts, let participants know what they're competing for.

6. **Inclusivity Matters:**
   - Ensure that your competition is inclusive. Welcome participants from all backgrounds and skill levels to foster a diverse and vibrant social community.

7. **Respect and Positivity:**
   - Maintain a positive and respectful environment. Any form of harassment or negativity will not be tolerated.

8. **Submission Deadline:**
   - Clearly state the deadline for submissions, taking into account the timely and social nature of our platform.

9. **Rules Flexibility:**
   - While guidelines are important, be open to creative interpretations. Sometimes, the most extraordinary entries emerge when rules are bent, not broken.

11. **Community Feedback:**
    - Encourage constructive feedback within the community. This helps participants improve and fosters a sense of shared growth.

12. **Have Fun:**
    - Ultimately, Quirky Quest is about having fun and celebrating creativity. Encourage participants to enjoy the process and share the joy of their creations.

Quirky competition guideline

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