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How to Travel with Pets: the Ultimate Guide

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Your complete guide for traveling with your pets.

Ultimate Guides are blog posts designed to be the best of the best. It's supposed to be the blog post to end all blog posts–everything you need to know about traveling with your fur-babies.

Pet travel the right way

Pet Travel montreal
Discovering the city of Montreal's alleyways.

Traveling is a lot when you're alone. Throw a cockatoo, ferret or other furry friend and moving from one place to another becomes a challenge.

This pet travel guide will detail my experience traveling with two pets Ace, a 12 year old Rhodesian ridgeback and Axe, a 4-year-old rescue from Puerto Rico.

traveling with dogs
Ace and Axe taking a break from a 15 Km exploration of Nashville. Vanessa in the foreground on her way with something delicious.

Traveling with dogs

Planning, packing and booking a trip with pets

Road trip with dogs

Exploring the city with dogs


Planning, packing and booking a trip with pets.

When you plan your trip with pets in mind there is no one way for all. Everyone's special pet has their own needs. Taking them into consideration when planning and packing will make your travel much smoother. Some hotels refuse pets altogether or will charge a absorbent fee that doesn't make sense. Others have weight restrictions. My favorite pet friendly hotel is the Kimpton. We had the pleasure of staying in many of their whimsical hotels across the country. Their policy is "if you can fit your pet in the elevator, they are allowed". One of the concierge noted that a camel has been able to fit in the elevator. That's what I call an interesting day at work.

If you're not able to stay at one of Kimpton's hotels, bring fido has an extensive collection of pet friendly hotels. Call them and confirm the pet policy and fees, as many of the hotels locations state different policy's and fees online.

Road trip with Dogs

Dog beach Hollywood florida
Ace sunbathing on Hollywood dog Beach like a BOSS

I have been on many road trips, mostly on the eastern north American coast. From Montreal and Working in Florida gave me the opportunity to explore the United States and Canada with my wife and two dogs in our Dodge caravan minivan.

The Car:Dodge caravan 2017, 180km

Here are a couple of Road trip Itinerary we have explored on one of our "hurrications"

Exploring the city with dogs

It's unfortunate that many places reject pets. That's why we should make sure that our travels are pet friendly. Some cities are more dog friendly than others. San Francisco was like a pet spa everywhere we went. Might have been lucky but most places treated our dogs as guests. Yelp has a filter that can find places with patios and that are dog friendly.