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Expedia Releases 2022 Travel Hacks Including the Best Time to Book Airfare and Hotels

Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) reveal handy travel hacks including when to book and how to save money on travel

Today Expedia® released its seventh annual report in partnership with Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) revealing travel hacks, including the best time to book airfare, when to travel and other tips to help travellers navigate booking a vacation in 2022.

After 18 months Canadian travellers are beginning to re-emerge, ready to explore the world and the life-changing experiences travel can bring once again. With one in four Canadians seeking savings tips and 45 per cent indicating they are willing to be flexible with their travel plans to save money*, Expedia and ARC are teaming up to share the ultimate travel hacks guide.

Airfare booking hacks for 2022

Based on data from ARC, average ticket prices (ATPs) in early 2021 were still higher than previous years; however, come April there was a decrease. ATPs for both international and domestic flights have since steadily increased but are still on average around 25 per cent lower compared to 2019.

Optimal Booking Window

  • Domestic flight prices usually start to increase 35 days before departure, while prices for international flights start to increase 28 days before. The sweet spot to book a domestic flight is between 28 – 49 days in advance, while international flights should be booked three to four months in advance for the lowest prices.

Ideal day of the week to book

  • The ideal day to book a flight is Sunday, not Friday. For domestic flights this can save travellers around 15 per cent and for international flights the savings are almost 10 per cent.

Ideal day of the week to travel

  • The ideal day to start a domestic trip is Friday not Monday, where travellers can save around 25 per cent.

  • For international flights, start the trip on a Saturday, not on a Tuesday to save almost 10 per cent.

Best month to travel

Travellers planning their 2022 trips can also unlock huge savings by being flexible and choosing the right month to travel:

  • The ideal month to depart is January versus December. For domestic flights this can save travellers around 15 per cent and almost 30 per cent for international departures.

Splurge and go premium

Tickets in Premium economy have never been cheaper. In 2021, premium economy ATPs were 212 per cent more expensive than economy tickets, whereas in 2020 they were 288 per cent more expensive. Pre-pandemic, in 2019 average prices for a premium economy ticket were a huge 304 per cent more expensive than economy. With a quarter of Canadians (25%) willing to upgrade their flight if they can afford it*, now would be a good time to splurge and consider upgrading.

Accommodation savings tips for 2022

While domestic accommodation rates dropped in 2020, prices gradually increased over the past year, and, due to the high demand for domestic travel, are still slightly higher compared to 20197.

As Canadians continue to plan their future getaways, based on Expedia data, here are some simple tips to unlock savings on accommodation:

Ideal day of the week to book

  • For domestic holidays, the lowest average daily rate (ADR) for booking accommodation tends to occur on a Tuesday, where travellers could save almost 10 per cent versus booking on the most expensive day, which is a Friday.

  • For international trips, book on a Tuesday, not on a Thursday, to save around 10 per cent.

Ideal day of the week to stay

  • The ideal day to begin a domestic stay is a Tuesday, where travellers can save almost 10 per cent versus staying on a Friday.

  • For international trips, staying on a Tuesday can save travellers around 10 per cent, versus staying on a Thursday.

Down-star to save

Travellers can stretch their dollars further by choosing a lower star-rated hotel. Travellers can save around 45 per cent, on average, by simply opting for a 4-star property over a 5-star, while down-starring to a 3-star from a 4-star can save travellers around 30 per cent7.

Car Rental

Road trips and exploring destinations closer to home or veering off the beaten track in new places is a trend we've seen grow since the beginning of the pandemic. As travellers continue to plan road trips, Expedia's data indicates the best day to book a car rental is on a Thursday for domestic trips. For travellers exploring international getaways, the cheapest day to book a car is on a Friday. Meanwhile, starting the car rental on a Monday, tends to be the cheapest day for domestic bookings, while Saturday is the best day for international trips.

Flexibility is a necessity

As unpredictability associated with the pandemic remains, flexibility will remain a priority for travellers. For just over 30% more, travellers can secure a refundable accommodation rate in case plans need to be changed or cancel providing peace of mind.

Bundle and save

On Expedia, travellers can unlock deeper discounts by simply booking their flight and hotel together, rather than booking separately. On average, Canadians can save around 10 per cent by bundling their flight and hotel together in one transaction.

Loyalty pays off

When it comes to booking travel, it pays to be loyal. Travellers can reap the benefits of a loyalty program for future trips, as they book their current one. By signing up to Expedia, travellers will receive benefits as soon as they join, including access to member-only prices and earn Expedia points on every trip. Silver and Gold members who book Expedia VIP Access hotels can also score extra perks such as room upgrades or spa credits, where available.

Additionally, travellers who sign up to the Expedia App will not only have the ultimate travel companion at arm's reach but can also unlock up to 10 per cent savings with mobile-exclusive hotel deals, as well as earn double Expedia Rewards points on every App booking. Travellers will also benefit from helpful alerts on their travel itinerary.

Mary Zajac, PR Manager for brand Expedia, comments: "As travellers continue to plan their future trips, we want to help make the process as easy as possible, while helping them save a few extra dollars on the way. We know planning a holiday can be stressful at the best of times, though by being flexible and applying these handy hacks, we hope travellers will feel more confident and ready to travel again."

It's important to stay up to date with the latest government and travel advisories. For the latest information, Expedia's new COVID-19 Travel Advisory tool helps travellers search for travel advisories around the world, including regulations for destinations, and safety and health guidelines, or visit Expedia's COVID-19 Travel Guide.

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