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Best Travel Sites 2022

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Reddit Travel (

Hundreds of thousands of Redditors come together to talk about travel, give tips, and share news. Nearly four million Redditors share travel tips, ask travel questions, and post photos of themselves. This is an excellent source of both advice and inspiration for your next journey. There are some subreddits for special travel questions.


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Adam's Travel (

Adam quit his job in 2010 and went traveling '. He now lives in Berlin, telling stories about his city and travels.

New Off-Grid (

This is a combination of a travel blog and outdoor cooking blog. It will make your mouth wet and give you a hindrance to walking at the same time.

Melting butter (

Provides highly customized content and structure that makes visualizing multiple content easier.

Roads and states (

It offers long pieces of travel that focus on bizarre and controversial faces and faces around the world.

Culinary Backstreets (

As the name suggests, Culinary Backstreets eat their way around the world, but only on the back streets. Learn about street food around the world here.

Landcruising Adventure (

Your one store to learn about street travel. And you get to follow along with their amazing journey.

Rick Steves (

He has made a name for himself by providing tourist trips and advice from Europeans. Today, her blog offers places, tips, and tricks for travelers.

Nomadic Matt (

Received compliments from all kinds of major news stores. Her blog includes not only tourist destinations, but also deals and tips.

Carnets de Traverse (

The French couple travels around the world, hitting hits rather than famous hotspots. Even if you do not like to read the French translation, you can still enjoy the beautiful pictures.

Travel Sites & Blogs 2020

If dating sites are a reference, walking is a popular activity in the world without dogs (or possibly tied up). Everyone "loves to travel." The problem is, very few people actually travel, and those who do travel are usually ubertourists.

Our list of travel websites focuses on real-life travellers and travel professionals. They give you budget tips, travel hacks, and ideas for your destination. All you need to do, in a nutshell, to get your lifetime tip or just run fast.

Adam's journey

In 2010, Adam, a self-proclaimed hipster artist, quit his job to leave after a trip to Iceland. Her blog offers a wealth of tips and ideas for a destination for every type of visitor, from a ski resort to a weekend.

New Without Grid

Megan McDuffie and Michael van Vliet started this blog in 2015 as a way to combine their love of cooking and the outdoors. Thus, the blog offers tons of tips about packing backpacks, camping, and especially cooking while enjoying beautiful outdoor activities.

Navigate the Magazine

Roam Magazine was founded by two English sisters, Annapurna and Athena Mellor, travellers. Their magazine is based on three principles: openness, good photography, and creativity.

Alternatively, Plan future trips on Google Maps

On your computer or mobile device, you can choose when you want to start driving or when you want to reach your destination. The travel time estimate for your trip is based on traffic and transit schedules for the planned travel time.

To schedule a trip:

On your computer, open Google Maps.

Set directions to a place.

Click Leave now and then Depart at or Arrive by.

Set a time and date under "Depart at" or "Arrive by."


This feature is only available if you have one destination.

You must be signed in to use this feature.

To use these directions on the Google Maps app, click Send directions to your phone.

This feature is only available for Driving and Transit.

Learn about other helpful Maps features

Improve Google Maps for others: Earn points and recognition for sharing reviews, photos, and knowledge on Google Maps. Learn how to contribute to Google Maps.

Make a list of places to visit: Create a list of saved places to organize and quickly access your most-used locations. Learn how to save places.

Send your location in real time: Meet up with others or show them how to find you, let them find where you are. Learn how to share your location with others.

Save maps to your phone: If you plan to travel where it’s hard to get the internet, download an area map ahead of time. Learn how to navigate offline.

Set route options: When you use Google Maps to navigate to a place, you can pick your route preferences. Learn how to avoid tolls, ferries, and highways.

Explore in Street View: You can get photos of the places you visit and explore the area up close. Learn how to use Street View.

Measure distances: Measure the distance between 2 or more points on the map. Learn how to set points and find distances.

Get or find coordinates: Search for a place using its latitude and longitude coordinates, or get the coordinates of a place you've already found. Learn how to find coordinates in Maps.

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