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  2. Old Montreal and Old Port

  3. Parc Jean-Drapeau

  4. Mount Royal and Outremond

  5. Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mile End

  6. Olympic District and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

  7. The Village

  8. Little Italy and Villeray

  9. Les Quartiers du Canal

  10. Pôle de Rapides

  11. East, West and the North of the Islan


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Old Montreal and Old Port

The city’s historic district, which has been reinventing itself for nearly 400 years, includes its oldest and most recent tourist attractions.

In Old Montréal, history is present on every street corner. Cobblestone streets lined with historic buildings house art galleries, craft workshops, fashion boutiques, restaurants and cafés.

In the Old Port, residents and visitors love to walk along its recreational paths to engage in activities offered year round, while enjoying a splendid view of the city and the St. Lawrence River.

East of Old Montréal

City Hall 79

275 Notre-Dame Street East | Champ-de-Mars 514 872-0077 |

The building went up between 1872 and 1878, and survived a severe fire in 1922. And it was from this balcony that French President General de Gaulle uttered his famous “Vive le Québec libre!” (Long live free Québec) during a state visit in 1967. Nearby, inaugurated in 1856, the old courthouse subscribed to the very sober neoclassical tradition typical of the first half of the 19th century. The 1925 version (Ernest-Cormier building) featured a return to classic simplicity and the new one (1 Notre-Dame Street) deals with criminal matters. At the back of City Hall, Champde-Mars offers a superb view of downtown Montréal and fascinating historical remains. Currently closed for renovations.

Place Jacques-Cartier and Place De La Dauversière

Old Montréal | Champ-de-Mars |

The gentle slope down from the Nelson monument affords a superb view of the Old Port. Built in 1804, Place Jacques-Cartier was used as a public market for many years. It now draws passers-by and visitors who enjoy street artists. Facing City Hall, Place De La Dauversière is a magnificent public garden.

Marché Bonsecours

350 Saint-Paul Street East | Champ-de-Mars

The Marché Bonsecours was inaugurated in 1847. A symbol of Montréal’s heyday, this imposing building was the city’s main agricultural marketplace for over a century. It also housed a concert hall and even served as a city hall. It features now sidewalk cafés, Québec artisans shops and exhibitions.

Marguerite Bourgeoys Historic Site

400 Saint-Paul Street East | Champ-de-Mars 514 282-8670 |

Montréal’s oldest chapel, also known as the Sailors’ Church, is a captivating history museum. Feel a special connection with the past by visiting the 18th-century stone crypt, and climb the tower to admire the spectacular views. The archaeological site reveals over 2,400 years of history. Discover the chapel and museum through a downloadable audio guide.

Pierre du Calvet House

401 Bonsecours Street | Champ-de-Mars

Built in the 18th century, this house is one of the most beautiful examples of the urban architecture developed in New France. Particularly striking are its massive crude rock walls, chimneys and steeply-sloped roof. Pierre du Calvet, its illustrious occupant, was a supporter of the American Revolution and held meetings with Benjamin Franklin, an envoy sent abroad by George Washington in 1775-1776.

Sir George-Etienne Cartier National Historic Site

458 Notre-Dame Street East | Champ-de-Mars 514 283-2282 |

Discover the only Victorian interior open to the public in Montréal. Meticulously restored according to the tastes and customs of the Montréal bourgeoisie around 1860, the Historic Site commemorates the life and work of this renowned politician, Father of Confederation.

Gare Viger 8

700 Saint-Antoine Street East | Champ-de-Mars

Viger Station was the terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s network. The château style station, and hotel of the same name, was completed in 1897 and built according to the traditional layout of all British railway hotels, in which trains would arrive directly in the hotel lobby to maximize convenience for travellers. It is the only site in North America with three train stations of historical significance still standing fully intact. This rich architectural site is currently under development as a mixed-use structure, already home to offices and a restaurant.

Château Ramezay – Historic Site and Museum of Montréal

280 Notre-Dame Street East | Champ-de-Mars 514 861-3708 |

The Château invites you to relive more than 500 years of history, from the pre-contact Indigenous era to the 20th century. The Château exhibits its collections in a variety of ways, intermingled with multimedia portrayals of historical figures recounting, in six languages, highlights of their lives at the manor. The site includes the Governor’s Garden, a typically delightful 18th-century urban retreat.

West of Old Montréal

Saint-Paul and de la Commune Streets

Old Montréal | Champ-de-Mars |

For years, Saint-Paul Street was Montréal’s main street. Many of the buildings, which date from the 19th century, have been renovated and today serve as boutiques, art galleries, artists’ studios and even homes. Those cobblestone streets overflow with warm, inviting restaurants, lively bars, nightclubs and seductive lounges.

Montréal On Wheels

27 de la Commune Street East | Place-d’Armes 514 866-0633 |

Bike tours allow for exploring Montréal’s history, neighbourhoods, architecture, cuisine and quirky sides. Located on the bike path, this is the largest two-wheel rental centre in the city with a fleet of 150 bikes (regular bikes or ebikes). May to October.

Cours Le Royer (Hôtel-Dieu Stores)

Corner of Saint-Paul West and Saint-Sulpice Streets Ç Place-d’Armes | cours-le-royer-2

Many large buildings-warehouse-stores erected in the 1860s and 70s eloquently attest to the commercial vitality of the area during the city’s industrialization. The stores built at that time, at the former Hôtel-Dieu site, are a striking example of technological innovation combined with refined architectural style. It is the first major example of contemporary reuse of an ancient commercial sector. Today, the buildings serve as offices, businesses and residences.

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal

110 Notre-Dame Street West | Place-d’Armes 514 842-2925 |

A masterpiece of Gothic Revival architecture, Notre-Dame Basilica was built between 1824 and 1829. The magnificent interior in wood and the boldly modern design of the NotreDame-du-Sacré-Coeur Chapel, captivate hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Paintings, sculptures and stained-glass windows illustrate biblical passages as well as 350 years of parish history. To learn more about the Basilica, take part in a self-guided tour where you will be invited to explore 24 points of interest. After your tour, stay for AURA, an immersive light and sound show experience.

Place d’Armes 90

Old Montréal |Place-d’Armes |

The surrounding buildings are remarkable mementos of all the major milestones in the city’s history. Since 1895, a statue of Paul de Chomedey, “Sieur de Maisonneuve,” the founder of Montréal, stands in the centre. Nearby is the city’s oldest building, the “Vieux Séminaire” (130 Notre-Dame Street West), erected between 1684 and 1687, by the Messrs of Saint-Sulpice who ran the Notre-Dame parish and were “seigneurs” of the island of Montréal for nearly two centuries. The Bank of Montréal (119 SaintJacques Street West), founded in 1817, is the oldest banking institution in Canada and houses a museum open to the public.

Montréal en Histoires – Cité Mémoire

Champ-de-Mars | 514 666-1861

History comes to life with Cité Mémoire, an art installation that shines light on the city’s illustrious past. It is the largest projection circuit in the world. 27 astonishing scenes are projected on walls, in alleys, on the ground and on trees. This expansive projection circuit features 100 points of interest and 32 augmented reality experiences. In a poetic, dreamlike and sometimes playful manner, a medley of characters offer firsthand accounts of how the city has evolved over the course of history. Download the free “Montréal en Histoires” mobile app available in four languages. Guided tours also available.

Centaur Theatre Company

453 Saint-François-Xavier Street | Place-d’Armes 514 288-3161 |

Home of the former Montréal Stock Exchange, Centaur is Québec’s premier English-language theatre company. Founded in 1969 by Maurice Podbrey and Herbert C. Auerbach, Centaur presents a piece lineup ranging from contemporary Canadian dramas and Broadway hits, to international talent.

Saint-Jacques Street and The Royal Bank

360 Saint-Jacques Street | Place-d’Armes

This street was also known as Canada’s “Wall Street”. Its heyday in the 1920s is reflected in the Royal Bank’s former head office at 360 Saint-Jacques Street, erected in 1928, next to the attractive Molson Bank, built in 1866. With 23 floors, it was, at the time of its construction, the tallest building in the British Empire.

PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art

451 and 465 Saint-Jean Street Square-Victoria-OACI | 514 849-3742

A premier venue dedicated to the presentation of contemporary art. Each year, the Fondation Phi presents exciting and relevant exhibitions, a series of public events, special collaborative projects and an innovative education program

PHI Centre

315 Saint-Paul Street West | Square-Victoria-OACI 514 225-0525 |

Located in a meticulously-restored historic building, the PHI Centre buzzes with original and eclectic artistic activity. This multifunctional site includes an art gallery, cinema, theatre, performance space, and production facilities. This exciting hub of creation for art in all its forms proposes an innovative and inspiring program of the highest quality, including major exhibitions that push boundaries by plunging us into a sensorial universe with virtual reality (VR).

Place D’Youville

Old Montréal | Square-Victoria-OACI

The Place was built above the bed of the Little Saint-Pierre River, which was canalized in 1832. An obelisk on the site recalls its first pioneers. On the south side, between Normand and Saint-Pierre Streets, you can see the former hospital of the Grey Nuns, part of which dates back to 1693. Buildings from the 1870s and the beginning of the 20th century underscore the importance of this business hub situated in proximity to the port. Between the Centre d’histoire and Pointe-à-Callière stands the site of the Grande Paix de Montréal, signed in 1701.

Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Archaeology and History Complex

350 Place Royale | Place-d’Armes | 514 872-9150

Pointe-à-Callière is a National Historic Site rising above the actual remains of the city’s birthplace, the Place Royale. An archaeological tour takes visitors from the Indigenous People’s occupation, to the erection of the first French establishment of the city — Fort Ville-Marie — to the present day. Comprising seven pavilions connected underground, the Museum presents striking permanent exhibitions where history comes to life through the innovative use of new technologies. Pointe-à-Callière also features temporary exhibitions on the history of Montréal and the world’s great civilizations, as well as a constantly changing program of cultural activities for young people and families.

Fonderie Darling

745 Ottawa Street | Square-Victoria-OACI 514 392-1554 |

The Fonderie Darling is a contemporary art centre showcasing various forms of modern art. Its mission is to support the creation, production and dissemination of emerging artists’ work.

The Old Port

Old Port of Montréal

De la Commune Street | Between the St. Lawrence River and Old Montréal | Place-d’Armes | 514 496-7678

The Old Port is filled with unique activities and view points. In the summer, you can relax at the Clock Tower Beach, rent pedal boats, bicycles or quadricycles, enjoy a guided heritage tour (see Guided tours), or take a cruise on the river, at full speed or nice and easy with a gourmet meal. Stroll by the Grand Quay and admire one of the majestic liners that stop over in Montréal, have a drink on the terrace of a bistro, or delight in the many food trucks. The Old Port is also home to the Montréal Science Centre and its IMAX® theatre. In winter, fireworks, Igloofest festival, a large outdoor skating rink and a host of activities enliven this magical part of the city


Jacques-Cartier Pier | Old Port of Montréal Champ-de-Mars | 514 465-0594 |

Ecorecreo specializes in the rental of outdoor recreational equipment such as quadricycles and pedal boats. April to October.

La Grande Roue de Montréal

Old Port of Montréal | Facing the Bonsecours Market, between the Jacques-Cartier and Clock Tower piers Champ-de-Mars | 514 325-7888

This 60-metre observation wheel is the tallest in Canada and equipped with 42 luxurious, top-of-the-line, climate-controlled cabins. Hop on board and appreciate panoramic views of the city, the St. Lawrence River, and, on occasion, fireworks displays.

Voiles en Voiles

Quays of the Old Port of Montréal | Jacques-Cartier Pier Entrance | Champ-de-Mars | 514 473-1458

This adventure theme park offers outdoor fun, immersing children and adults into an 18th-century world of pirates and royal ships. Activities include aerial adventure courses, all-aboard courses, climbing challenges, escape game scenarios and an inflatable playground. In December and during the holiday season, this fun adventure zone offers more than 15 exciting activities, such as snow tubing, snow scooters, an outdoor movie theatre, outdoor archery battles with foam-tipped arrows and more! April to October.

MTL Zipline

Quays of the Old Port of Montréal | Jacques-Cartier Pier Entrance | Champ-de-Mars | 514 947-5463

Zipline customers can enjoy a thrilling experience and appreciate spectacular views as they fly above the Old Port of Montréal. May to September.

SOS Labyrinthe

Clock Tower Pier | Old Port of Montréal Champ-de-Mars | 514 499-0099 |

Visitors of all ages hunt for the secrets of this forgotten cargo by exploring a 2-km labyrinth filled with obstacles and deadends in search of four treasures of the longshoremen. Watch out — you’ll be met by a motley crew of mischievous characters along the way, doing their best to keep you going around in circles! May to October.

Jet Boating the Lachine rapids / Jet St-Laurent

Clock Tower Pier | Old Port of Montréal Ç Champ-de-Mars | 514 284-9607

Saute-Moutons offer expeditions on the magnificent Lachine Rapids that leave you wet and wordless. Powerful jet boats give you a fresh new take on the St. Lawrence River. Speed Boating: rodeo on a highspeed boat with 360° turns. May to September.

The Clock Tower and Tower Beach

Clock Tower Pier | Old Port of Montréal Champ-de-Mars | 514 496-7678

The beach is a veritable window on the St. Lawrence River. Although swimming is not possible, visitors can indulge in pleasant sunbathing with all the beach essentials, including umbrellas, sprayers, a boardwalk and a snack. The Clock Tower was built in 1922 to commemorate the courage of the men of the Merchant Fleet who were lost during World War I. May to September.


Jacques-Cartier Pier | Old Port of Montréal Champ-de-Mars | 514 701-9387 |

Wet Set MTL offers guided jet-ski tours. Various packages are available, including 1.5-hour discovery rides, 3-hour pleasure rides, and 6-hour adventure rides on your own or as a duo or trio. Mid-May to mid-October.

Montréal Science Centre

2 de la Commune Street West | Place-d’Armes 514 496-4724 |

Astounding, funny, and surprising, the exhibitions at the Montréal Science Centre open the doors to exploring, learning, and understanding a range of topics related to science and technology. All this delightful science is presented in a way that’s accessible for all, using interactive devices in an innovative environment, both educational and entertaining.

IMAX®TELUS cinema at the Montréal Science Centre

2 de la Commune Street West | Place-d’Armes 514 496-4724 |

The Montreal Science Centre IMAX®TELUS Theatre features the best of the IMAX® film productions, using the latest generation of laser projection technology combined with a new immersive 12-channel sound system. Images of unparalleled quality are projected on a seven-story screen.

Grand Quay and the Tower of Port of Montréal

Old Port of Montréal | Place-d’Armes | 514 283-7906

The Promenade d’Iberville on the green Grand Quay roof boasts over 24,000 flowering and aromatic plants and an immense wooden terrace from which to breathe it all in. The beauty of the flora is only matched by the impressive view of Montréal, the Old Port and cruise ships as they sail down the St. Lawrence River and coming soon, visitors will be able to see it all from the new observation tower. Commencement Square, a vast lawn beside the water, welcomes you with Adirondack chairs. Marine enthusiasts can wile away the hours at The Port Centre and discover the Port’s timeline, which is closely linked to the development of Montréal or see its free and exciting marine exhibition.

Spas and wellness

Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau

Old Port of Montréal Entrance at the corner of de la Commune West and McGill Street Square-Victoria-OACI 514 284-0333 |

Fashioned in an old ferryboat. In addition to its Scandinavian-inspired water circuit, the spa offers treatments for both the body and face.


55 Saint-Jacques Street West Place-d’Armes | 514 282-2727

For a full range of body care, the Signature line, “cocooning” in-room service and Montréal’s first Hammam. Scandinave Spa 71 de la Commune Street West ÇPlace-d’Armes | 514 288-2009 With its contemporary and authentic design, the venue welcomes the sensation of absolute escape. Give your body and mind a moment of breathing space by combining Scandinavian baths and massage.

Spa William Gray

421 Saint-Vincent Street Champ-de-Mars | 438 387-2008

Experience renewal in an artful, historic location, with an array of refined services that nurture mind, body, and soul.


Ateliers & Saveurs

444 Saint-François-Xavier Street Place-d’Armes | 514 849-2866

This innovative school offers cooking classes, cocktail workshops and wine tasting sessions.

Maison Pepin

378 Saint-Paul Street West Square-Victoria-OACI 514 844-0114 |

Varied workshops and activities: making of beauty products, tasting of natural wines, handcrafts and even yoga.


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