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Montréal, Canada’s culinary capital

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The culinary capital of Canada Montreal combines local ingredients inventive cuisine and creative chefs let me introduce you to the brand new restaurant can we here you can taste Montreal's island flavors after leaving restaurant Agricola chef paul tusan returns as chef and owner of Kamui the sun-drenched Caribbean inspired restaurant congratulations chef and thank you for having us thank you for pleasure.

Can you tell me what can we mean Kamui is like the sun like the energy the language of the first nation of the Caribbean sea the Taino and this is the perfect spot to talk about I can understand because here you have the sun all day the menu is a well-balanced like you know Caribbean fusion because this is what I want I want Montreal to be well-served fire caravan cuisine and I must say the food is outstanding as you can see the interior and surrounding artwork featured artists. From the black community such as colter Remy Eddie the photographer darwin de lair and painter Olivier Villara, you want to make a stop here when in Montreal and my advice take your time you'll need more than one day to taste all the culinary delights of our island.


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