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Immersive Sound Installation "The Hum" Debuts at SXSW to Raise Your Vibe

Make Some Noise announces the launch of its first interactive installation aimed at transforming the way people listen with a fully immersive sound experience entitled, "The HUM." The HUM, an art and sound technology installation, provides an interactive experience where entertainment, the science of sound, and wellness meet. The body and senses are engaged to impart a transformative listening experience. The HUM will debut at the SXSW Creative Industries Expo, Booth 752, at the Austin Convention Center March 13-16, 2022.

The installation itself is a 10-foot sculptural work of art, with a cradle space, where the user can lounge and experience the fullness of sound and the transformative effect that vibrations have on the entire body via vibro acoustic technologies. It features a bespoke soundscape journey, via Sony's 360 REALITY AUDIO, and curated by highly regarded musicians Mobius8 and Snow Raven, produced by John Laraio.

"Our mission is to raise awareness about the impact of sound on our well-being and in our world," explains Make Some Noise's founder Gen Cleary, an award-winning creative director, show producer and successful creative entrepreneur in the experiential world. "It is our goal to allow everyone to connect with the multidimensions of sound ...beyond hearing."

"We are excited to bring this level of entertainment to SXSW that expands on our experience of sound. We are on a mission to introduce everyone to connect with sound using all their senses," shares Make Some Noise Executive Producer Diane Michioka, whose past roles include Creative Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering and Thinkwell Group. "We hope to bring The HUM to communities around the world along with many other experiences that Make Some Noise has in development."

As the HUM is fully customizable, Cleary and her team hope to bring this sensorial experience to connect with all communities. Make Some Noise has plans to take the installation on tour, similar to the way an art collection or Broadway show would tour. There's already been a lot of interest from festival organizers and corporate groups alike, with Las Vegas, New York and Miami and projected next destinations.

To experience The Hum at SXSW March 13-16th, or to inquire about bringing The HUM to your location, please visit

Media Contact: Mayra Del Bello 512-516-7422

SOURCE Make Some Noise

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