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Tulsa, the former Oil Capital of the World, is Oklahomas second largest city. The town that started in the early 20th century has since grown into an urban city that offers mid-west comfort in a cosmopolitan style. Throughout the many districts, there are hundreds of activities and events designed for people of all walks of life in T-Town. From family outings to nightlife and dining, you will always find a unique experience in Tulsa.


Best time to go

Want to know when to travel to Tulsa? Based on criteria such as the weather, cost of flights and hotels, and peak travel periods, October is the best time to go to Tulsa.


Fun city facts and activities

    Oklahomas second-biggest city after Oklahoma City is full of surprises. During the 1920s, Tulsa was flush with oil moneyskyscrapers sprinted up at the speed of light, Art Deco was all the rage, new restaurants abounded and citizens glorified the citys cultural scene. Today, youll find that much of the eras architecture has been carefully preserved and the city boasts an impressive array of different architectural styles. Amidst all that historic opulence and the inevitable Midwestern urban sprawl, visitors are also treated to a rich mix of local art and culture. From the world-class Philbrook Museum of Art to Cains Ballroom and a whole lot of parks and green spaces, there are so many things to do in Tulsa that the average traveler will likely want to add a few days to their trip.

City facts

Neighborhoods to explore

    Cherry Street
    Downtown Tulsa
    Riverview Historic District
    Pearl District

Food Specialties

    Tulsa is a fascinating mix of oil boomtown, traditional Midwestern city and cosmopolitan cultural hub offering a ton of fun things to do. Oklahomas second-largest city after Oklahoma City boasts several world-class museums and galleries, in addition to a sprinkling of exquisite, 1920s-era Art Deco buildings and historic downtown districts. More than anything, though, Tulsa offers an all-American blend of rustic charm and sophistication, and the citys vibrant food scene reflects just that. Tulsa food was made for indulging so, whether youre a local or a tourist, make time to eat succulent barbecue, delicious pub food, juicy burgers and the most amazing fried catfish of your life at the best restaurants in Tulsa.


Tulsa Offbeat activities

Free or cheap things to do

1. Take a Tour of the Tulsa Underground.
2. Kayak on the Arkansas River.
3. Explore the Historic Greenwood District.
4. Visit the Tulsa Air & Space Museum & Planetarium.
5. Stroll Through the Philbrook Museum of Art.
6. Enjoy the Music at the Woody Guthrie Center.
7. Go Shopping at the Blue Dome District.
8. Visit the Tulsa Historical Society Museum.
9. Catch a Performance at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.
10. Tour the Tulsa Zoo & Living Museum.

Offbeat activites
Kid friendly

Fun things to do in with kids

Free or cheap things to do

1. Gathering Place South Tulsa
If your family is looking for kid-friendly activities that are filled with fun, then the Gathering Place is your saving grace.

2. Philbrook Museum of Art Villa Philbrook
Open since 1939, the Philbrook Museum of Art takes you to a journey to Italy in the comforts of the city of Tulsa.

3. Gilcrease Museum Downtown Tulsa
Boasting the largest and most comprehensive American West art collection, the Gilcrease Museum will enthrall you with its collection.

4. River Parks Uptown Tulsa
With its cool fresh air, uncrowded places, and well maintained spaces, the River Parks is great for families of all sizes.

5. ONEOK Field Greenwood
Home to the Tulsa Drillers of the AA Texas League, the ONEOK field is a great addition to your family vacation.

6. Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium Northwest Tulsa International Airport
Spanning over a 19000 square feet area, the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium features historical objects and exhibits filled with family things to do.

7. Woodward Park
Nestled within a 45-acre area, this public open space in the Woodward Park is a great venue for recreational and family activities in Tulsa.

8. Tulsa Zoo Mohawk Park
If youre still wondering what to do in Tulsa with kids, then the Tulsa Zoo might pique your interest.

9. BOK Center Downtown Tulsa
The Bank of Oklahoma Center is a 19,199-seat multi-purpose arena which has housed multiple international and national events in the United States.

10. The Cave House West Downtown Tulsa
If youre looking for some kid-friendly things to do in Tulsa, then consider paying a visit to the Cave House.

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City data and FAQ 

What is Tulsa most know for?

For me and my extended family, it was the lovely architecture an neighborhoods in mid town. For a lot of Oklahomans in the 80s and 90s it was the shopping at Utica Square
Jill McKechnie Lived in Tulsa, OK

It was once the oil capital of the world but Houston claims that now. There was a horrible race riot in the twenties. Thats something they dont want to be known for. And kept it under the carpet for many years.
Wayne Evans - Lives in Houston, TX

Is Tulsa worth visiting?

Its kind of a pretty city. I grew up there. After high school I couldnt wait to get out of there, and did.
Wayne Evans - Lives in Houston, TX

Are two days enough to visit Tulsa?

Tulsa is a beautiful city with a complex history and an exciting future, as current Mayor G.T. Bynum and others work to turn Tulsa into a world-class city. It's the ideal spot for a family weekend getaway, as long as you can narrow the massive list of attractions to two days of fun.
Ali Hamza

Do you need a car to visit Tulsa?

It is definitely a good idea to have a car. There is a public transit system that is slowly improving, but I would say it is still not adequate for regular transportation around the city. You will have long delays. The city areas are spread out quite a bit, so while you can use Uber or other ride share programs, that would get costly pretty fast. That being said, for a short stay, it could work. Tulsa has neighborhoods that are walkable, like Brookside, Cherry Street, and Blue Dome District, etc. so you could get a ride to those places and walk around and be fine, but for any length of time, I think you would want a car.
Robert - MA from Oklahoma State University

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