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Toronto is Canadas largest city and a world leader in such areas as business, finance, technology, entertainment and culture. Its large population of immigrants from all over the globe has also made Toronto one of the most multicultural cities in the world.


Best time to go

The best times to visit Toronto are late April through May and September through October. Peak tourist season occurs during the summer months: the sidewalks come alive with pedestrian marketplaces, patio restaurants and numerous cultural events. However, as temperatures rise, so do prices.


Fun city facts and activities

    Go Leafs! Okay, we only need to wait until the spring for our beloved Leafs to let us down in the playoffs, but there are plenty of things to do in Toronto that dont involve being sad after game seven. The Six is a city within a park (or so they say), the hometown of creative geniuses and arguably Canadas best restaurant scene, not to mention a collection of exciting bars and all the personality to boot. It is easy to fall in love with Toronto, playoff disappointment aside.

    Canadas largest city offers a great introduction to life in the worlds second-largest country, with its diverse population, curious history and a never-ending collection of green spaces. If youre lucky enough to visit this place, youre in for a treat. The most exciting aspect of our list of best things to do in Toronto? Its sheer variety. And yeah, okay, go Leafs!
City facts

Neighborhoods to explore

    Kensington Market
    Davisville Village/St. Clair
    West Queen West
    East Chinatown
    The Junction

Food Specialties

    Canadian cuisine flies under the radar somewhat, but that is how things are done here in the great north. Toronto is arguably the countrys culinary capital, a city where new flavours, techniques and ingredients are given room to breathe before blossoming into something very special indeed. The very best restaurants in Toronto are all the proof you need that this city knows what it is doing in the kitchen.

    Torontos gastronomy scene has embraced the diversity that makes The Six such a thrilling place, and you can taste flavours from all the continents here. There is no shortage of traditional stops, giving the hungry visitor plenty of choice when it comes to dinnertime. When youve run out of sightseeing energy and need some delicious sustenance before hitting the bars, you can do worse than making reservations at one of the spots below.

Toronto Offbeat activities

Free or cheap things to do

1. Explore the Hockey Hall of Fame: Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the Hockey Hall of Fame is a must-see for any hockey fan. You can explore the history of the sport, see some of the greatest players in history, and even try your hand at a virtual hockey game.

2. Go on a Haunted Walk of Toronto: Take a guided tour through Torontos most haunted places. The tour takes you to some of the citys most historic sites and youll hear spooky stories about the areas past.

3. Visit the CN Tower: The CN Tower is one of the worlds tallest structures and offers spectacular views of the city. Take a ride up to the top and enjoy the sights from the SkyPod observation deck.

4. Try the underground PATH system: Torontos PATH system is an underground network of pedestrian tunnels and walkways that link over 50 buildings in

Offbeat activites
Kid friendly

Fun things to do in with kids

Free or cheap things to do

1. Toronto Zoo
Canada's largest zoo is home to 5,000 creatures that encompass over 450 species, so visitors certainly have a lot of ground to cover. Pavilions such as the African rainforest, Malayan woods and Eurasia, among others, provide a glimpse of wildlife from all over the world. Meanwhile, the Kids' Zoo lets pint-size patrons meet alpacas, woodchucks and other cool residents. Although the giant panda exhibit closed in 2018 after a 10-year run, Da Mao, Er Shun, Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue who once called the venue home are ready to say hello to guests at Calgary Zoo's Panda Passage. Family trip, anyone?

2. Ripley's Aquarium of Canada
This huge tank of a building which holds a whopping 1.5 million gallons of water is stationed at the base of the CN Tower and opened in 2013, ultimately stealing some of Toronto Zoos thunder in upon its debut. The main attraction, a moving-floor tunnel under the shark tank, sets the tone for the dreamy magic of Ripleys Aquarium of Canada. Those with enough gumption can touch horseshoe crabs, sharks and stingrays in a controlled environment.

3. Canada's Wonderland
If rollercoasters are your thing, look no further than Canadas Wonderland, which is stationed just outside of Toronto. The beloved amusement park boasts plenty of rides for thrill-seekers and opens during the warmer months. Try going mid-week to beat the crowds or head west to Ontario Place, a lakeside park featuring the worlds first IMAX theatre right on the water. But be warned: the rides and attractions tend to leave you sopping wet.

4. Royal Ontario Museum
The Royal Ontario Museum houses a massive collection of cultural and historical items, as well as rotating exhibitions and the Bata Shoe Museum, which features an impressive collection of 13,500 footwear items. However, kids will be particularly drawn to the James and Louise Temerty Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs and the Bat Cave, which features 800 specimens and models of bats! Who's brave enough to take a peek?!

5. CN Tower
Although derided for being a tired attraction, Torontos icon still boasts astonishing views, even if it lost the title of worlds tallest free-standing structure a few years ago. Different LED light schemes play out on the towers exterior from dusk until 2am: the best one lights the main deck to look like a throbbing UFO hanging over the city. Expect plenty of photo-worthy moments when you visit.

6. Casa Loma
Torontos other postcard attraction is Casa Loma. This brash 18th-century Gothic revival castle stands outlandishly against the otherwise Victorian architectural sensibility of the city. Built between 1911 and 1914 by the man who established the first hydro-generating plant at Niagara Falls, Casa Loma was abandoned after the family went bankrupt, remaining unoccupied until the city bought it in 1937. Little princes and princesses will love wandering around a real-life castle!

7. The National Ballet of Canada
Toronto is home to Canadas premier ballet company, the National Ballet of Canada. The schedule is ever changing, but always includes the Nutcracker and loads of special programs for kids.

8. Hockey Hall of Fame
Need we say more? A love of hockey is practically required in Canada. At the Hall of Fame, players and fans can learn all about NHL greats.

9. Rogers Centre
If the Blue Jays are playing, Torontonians are showing their support by donning jerseys and blue hats. Catch the action by the waterfront stadium during home games and be sure to grab a hot dog while cheering on the only Canadian team in the MLB.

10. Young People's Theatre
Give your little thatre buffs a taste of the arts from the get-go at the Young People's Theatre. For over 50 years, the institution has catered its repertoire to kid-focused performances and programming.

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City data and FAQ 

Do you need a car in Toronto?
When I lived there, I was within a five minute walk of a subway station. Except one place, where I had to take a bus to the subway. It was about a 10-minute ride. I could also choose to take a streetcar.
Jamie Harrison Lives in Canada

I live right near where the main subway lines meet and I havent owned a car in over 30 years now. That being said, I do belong to a car sharing service. I didnt use it too much since the pandemic started (Just once this year in fact) but prior to that I would frequently get a car to do stuff like go to Costco. I get along just fine on foot, or on transit, with the rare carshare or rental.
Steven Haddock Lives in Toronto, ON (1959 Present)
If you live where ever the subway system goes which means North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke and obviously downtown Toronto, then no you do not need a car. If you live beyond these areas yes you will need a car because the transportation system is slow. However if you are close to a commuter train which is called a go train then you can get into Toronto for work.
Wei Shen - Lives in Canada

The subway and Bus system can get you at any point in the GTA and its safe and reliable.
Michael Kiss - Lives in Toronto, ON

Yes, and No. Yes if you want to be able to come and go when you need to. No if you want to be tied to the TTC schedule.
Jim Bunting - Lives in Toronto
Unless you live downtown and don't plan to move around GTA than you do. Toronto subway is very small and nothing like London or NYC. Buses are available, but each part of GTA has its own bus company so most of the time you'll need an Uber to travel to Mississauga, Brampton or Scarborough etc. Suburbs like Vaughn have very basic public transportation, which is not reliable at all.
Demetrio Coco - Lives in Toronto, ON (1997present)

What kind of food dish is Toronto famous for?
We dont have a main food- whatever that means! We are a city made of of many cultures and ethnicities, and you will find restaurants and eateries representing all of them, across the city and beyond.
Karen Rosenmeyer - Lives in Toronto, ON

Is Toronto worth visiting?
Having said that, Toronto is considered a very safe city to live in and visit. The downtown core especially is a safe area. However, as a visitor to Toronto (as with any place you are unfamiliar with) you should watch your pockets especially on the TTC (public transit, see below) and at tourist attractions.

What is Toronto famous for?
Toronto is known for being a Canadian metropolis with towering buildings, bustling streets, and a famous waterfront skyline dominated by the CN Tower, but that's not all. Toronto is also famous for its ethnic and cultural diversity, its world-famous professional sports teams, and its competitive universities.

What is the most visited place in Toronto?
See the View from the CN Tower. Toronto's famous landmark, the 553-meter CN Tower, is one of the city's must see attractions and also the most impossible to miss. Towering above the downtown, this Canadian icon can be seen from almost everywhere in the city.

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