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Fun Things to do in Santa Ana


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Located about 45 minutes south of Los Angeles, Santa Ana is a unique weekend destination in Southern California, offering visitors a choice of museums, interactive exhibits and diverse activities.


Best time to go

March 12th to November 25th
based on average temperature and humidity from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).


Fun city facts and activities

    Rich in diversity, a growing community and an evolving business district downtown. Santa Ana is home to the Bowers Museum, the Santa Ana Zoo and the Discovery Cube Orange County. Locals enjoy the historic staples, but also embrace new businesses, mom and pop shops and the city's thriving art community.
City facts

Neighborhoods to explore

    Metro Classic
    Morning Sunwood
    West Grove Valley
    Floral Park
    Fisher Park
    Thornton Park
    Shadow Run
    Washington Square

Food Specialties

    California menu is used only in the California restaurants where food items are available regardless of the time of the day whether it is breakfast or lunch or dinner. California menu can be offered as separate menu for each meal, such as, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Santa Ana Offbeat activities

Free or cheap things to do

1. Visit the Bowers Museum for an After-Hours Tour: Enjoy a private after-hours tour of the Bowers Museum and explore the museums vast collections of art, artifacts, and cultural treasures.

2. Explore the Santa Ana River Trail: The Santa Ana River Trail is a popular recreational trail that runs through Orange County. Its a great way to explore local wildlife, scenic views, and natural habitats.

3. Visit the Santa Ana Zoo: The Santa Ana Zoo is home to more than 200 species of animals, including monkeys, apes, tigers, and more. Guests can also explore the zoos interactive exhibits and educational programs.

4. Check Out the Santora Arts Building: The Santora Arts Building is an old warehouse thats been converted into a vibrant arts district. Explore the buildings galleries, shops, and eateries.

5. Take a Brewery Tour: Several craft breweries

Offbeat activites
Kid friendly

Fun things to do in with kids

Free or cheap things to do

If Southern California is calling you for your next family day out, then you might just end up in Santa Ana!This beautiful California city is all that is great about those family friendly Californian cities. The historic architecture is fascinating, the atmosphere is exciting and of course, there are plenty of things to do with the kids!Located right near the Santa Ana River, you can enjoy those Mediterranean style climates - which is perfect for great days out!There is kids fun at Bowers Kidseum, an interactive childrens museum which teaches through play. Animal lovers in the family can enjoy Santa Ana Zoo, or get among the sweet domestic farm animals at Centennial Farm.

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City data and FAQ 

Is Santa Ana worth visiting?

There are so many places to go in Santa Ana! First off, there is the Bowers Museum (though it is a more common place to visit). The Frida Cinema is a super cool theatre that centers around independent, foreign, and classic films (Frida Cinema). Then theres 4th Street Market, a somewhat more hipster version of Anaheim Packing District (I recommend getting something from Dos Chinos!). You could come see a show at my high school, Orange County School of the Arts! Or just walk downtown (honestly my favorite thing to do). Santa Ana is an incredibly vibrant city filled with super cool places to go eat, shop, and learn of. You could also head down to Libro Mobile, a bookstore that specializes in books by latinx authors, or go to the farmers market on the weekends.
Artem Solus - Lives in Santa Ana, CA (2016 - Present)

While it is rather popular, I highly encourage you to visit the Segerstrom Concert Hall. Its an amazing venue that frequently has higher end concerts going on, and is rather cheap for tickets. Not much in the manner of eating nearby (unless you count the Claim Jumpers across the street fine dining), but it is walking distance from a Marriott hotel if youre staying for a while. While technically in Costa Mesa, its right on the border of Santa Ana and definitely worth the trip.
Fancis DiEugenio - Lives in Santa Ana, CA

Do you need a car to visit Santa Ana?

That depends where you are coming from. If you are coming from say Anaheim, then a city bus will be fine. Just keep in mind that Santa Ana is mainly residential and most of the stuff worth seeing is in a walkable area.
Danielle Fraser - Lives in Vancouver, CA

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