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Pittsburgh is known both as "the Steel City" for its more than 300 steel-related businesses and as the "City of Bridges" for its 446 bridges. The city features 30 skyscrapers, two inclined railways, a pre-revolutionary fortification and the Point State Park at the confluence of the rivers.


Best time to go

The best time to visit Pittsburgh is during summer (July to August) or in the fall (September to November). That's when the weather is pleasant and you'll find more things to do around the city compared to other times of year. Just know, if you visit in June expect a fair number of rainy days.


Fun city facts and activities

    Though the Steel City might not seem as glamorous as New York or Los Angeles, there are still countless things to do in Pittsburgh. Baseball fans ought to catch a game at PNC Park, while nature lovers should stroll through the lush Victorian greenhouse at Phipps Conservatory. Pittsburgh's food and drink scene is also exceptional. Here you'll find the best diners, best hot dogs and best waffles in America. And that's not even including the gems on our list of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh.
City facts

Neighborhoods to explore

    Highland Park
    Point Breeze
    Regent Square
    Squirrel Hill North

Food Specialties

    A century ago, Steel City held the same stately buildings, curving rivers and picturesque bridges, but it was often hard to see them all for the clouds of smoke coming from the many factories and mills. Nowafter making a Rust Belt comeback centered on its culinary scenethe main smoke is coming from Pittsburghs varied restaurant kitchens. You can grab the kind of classic sandwich or cake that the citys immigrants have been chowing down on for years (a must on our list of top things to do, or try some of the innovative cuisine (say, Sichuan) of some of its hotshot young chefs. Go sample for yourself why pro tasters like Zagat have recently named Pittsburgh the best food city in America.

Pittsburgh Offbeat activities

Free or cheap things to do

1. Take a Haunted History Tour: There are several companies in Pittsburgh offering guided tours through the citys history and haunted locations.

2. Explore The Strip District: This historic district is home to a variety of unique shops, restaurants and bars.

3. Visit the Carnegie Science Center: With four floors of interactive exhibits, the Carnegie Science Center is a great way to spend a day.

4. Check out the National Aviary: Home to 500 birds from more than 150 species, the National Aviary is the largest aviary in the United States.

5. Go Kayaking on the Three Rivers: Rent a kayak and explore the rivers around Pittsburgh.

6. Take a Stroll Through Mellon Park: This sprawling park is a great place for a quiet stroll and to take in the gardens, sculptures and fountains.

7. Visit the Andy Warhol Museum: The largest museum dedicated to a single artist in the

Offbeat activites
Kid friendly

Fun things to do in with kids

Free or cheap things to do

1. Carnegie Science Center
The Carnegie Science Center is the perfect place for curious minds to explore. Hundreds of hands-on exhibits with a focus on science and technology guarantee fun for kids of all ages.

2. Carnegie Museum of Natural History
The expansive Dinosaur Hall at Pittsburgh's Museum of Natural History boasts one of the nations largest dinosaur collections, and an impressive permanent immersive exhibition spanning through the Mesozoic Era.

3. Childrens Museum of Pittsburgh
Kids learn through tactile play with a variety of media at the popular Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. The Makeshop is an innovative studio space where a team of skilled makers and educators help translate kids' visions into tangible objects.

4. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
The 19 distinct gardens, some indoors under a picturesque glass dome, at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are simply stunning.

5. Senator John Heinz History Center
An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, this museum is dedicated to Western Pennsylvania history. Kids can play in Kidsburgh, a kids-only, interactive play zone, as parents sip coffee in the caf̩, monitoring the kids by television screen.

6. Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum
Located in the Heinz History Center, this museum-within-a-museum captures the importance of sports to the city, home to the famed Pittsburgh Steelers.

7. Explore the Mattress Factory
The Mattress Factory is a contemporary art museum with an experimental lab component that makes each visit special. The rotating exhibits are sure to be unique.

8. Frick House
See what it was like in Victorian Pittsburgh at the Frick Historic House. This historic home was once home to the Frick family, and includes an amazing old car collection, beautiful grounds, and lovely home to explore.

9. National Aviary
Get nose-to-beak with more than 500 birds of more than 150 species from around the world, including parrots, owls, flamingos, and penguins.

10. The Andy Warhol Museum
As the largest museum dedicated to a single artist in the country, the Warhol Museum's merging of art and pop culture is appealing to kids. Head down to the basement studio, where each afternoon kids can create their own pop art project.

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City data and FAQ 

What is Pittsburgh most known for?

Bill MazurowskisWorld Series Homerun; Pittsburg Steelers Championships; General Bradocks defeat; The Whiskey Rebellion; Steel Workers Strikes; Universities.
Jerome Sassani - Lives in Pennsylvania (1949 Present)

Previously a dirty smoggy steel making city, but now it is a beautiful city full of culture, a thriving medical meca and is surrounded by hills and rivers.
Jenn Reddinger Lives in Pittsburgh (2004 Present)

Pittsburg Steelers, bridges, history of the steel industry, pierogies, Three Rivers, and Andy Warhol.
Pati Charron - Studied at Ohio University

Steel. The NFL Steelers. (football)The NHL Penquins (hockey) The start of the Ohio River at the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers. over 100 Bridges. Hills - including the steepest Street in the US. Fred Rogers Neighborhood was created and produced here and Pittsburgh has 90 distinct (real) neighborhoods. Many Universities, including Carnegie Mellon and Pitt. The whisky Rebellion. Very Friendly people. Among other things.
John Symank

Pittsburgh is famous for many things, but primarily for the fact that steel was once produced here in great quantities. Our nickname is The Steel City.
Edmond Gaudelli Lives in Pittsburgh, PA (1974 Present)

Are two days enough to visit Pittsburgh?

I think that depends on what your interests are. It might be tight. There are: The science center, museums, zoo, aviary, cultural center,art galleries, sports games (depending on the season) If you like to bike or hike, that is an all day treat. If you want to venture out of downtown Pittsburgh and into suburbia, might take a day.l I dont think two days enough. Youd be on the go constantly and still not see all you want to see.
Carol Schoenig Lived in Pittsburgh, PA

You can see or do a fair amount it two full days, but Id say no, not really, Same for any other city for that matter. But if you take a full two days - i.e. day one arrival - days two and three you tourist, and day four you depart. You can get a fairly good idea of the flavor of Pittsburgh in that time, but youre going to have to plan your time based on your interests, and figure on two pretty full days, Pittsburgh is not an easy city to get around in.
John Symank

Do you need a car to visit Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is easier with a car, but bus transit is usually okay. If you're headed toward the suburbs, a car is necessary unless you're right on a bus line, though. If you don't have a car, you should live near a supermarket and take public transportation if possible. You should also not disrespect the Terrible Towel, a gold cotton towel waved by Steeler fans at football games.
Carol Schoenig Lived in Pittsburgh, PA

Yes and no. It depends on where youre going. Pittsburgh is easier with a car, but the neighborhoods are close enough together that bus transit is usually okay. If youre headed toward the suburbs, however, a car is necessary unless youre right on a bus line. There arent many bus lines in the suburbs, though. Keep in mind, though, that most bus lines radiate from the center of Pittsburgh outward and there isnt much cross traffic. So to get to the South Side from the North Side, youd have to take a bus to the city, change busses, and take that second bus out of the city. Like I said, easier with a car, possible but difficult without one.
Martha McCully Lives in Pittsburgh, PA
A car is helpful but in no way a necessity. Pittsburgh does have a large amount of Public Transportation options, multiple bike trails and Uber/Taxis. We are a walkable city from downtown to North Shore and South Side.
William Molnar Lives in Pittsburgh, PA
Is Pittsburgh a good place to visit?

The skyline of Pittsburgh is beautiful, especially at night. Id recommend riding the old incline up to Mount Wasington to see the skyline. There are a number of beautiful state parks and biking trails. Many museums, tons of sports, and 446 bridges to look at. Lots to do for the whole family. Come in the fall when the leaves change, it is so gorgeous!
Carol Schoenig Lived in Pittsburgh, PA

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