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Louisville offers a high value proposition, and we help your business succeed in a vibrant city. Louisville is a competitive, authentic, global city, home to UPS WorldPort and a center for advanced manufacturing and logistics, the worlds largest concentration of health and aging innovation companies, as well as among only a dozen U.S. cities that have all five major performing arts groups. As the hometown of Muhammad Ali, Louisville punches above its weight. Since 2014, Louisville has experienced $21 billion in investments.


Best time to go

The best time to visit Louisville is during the Fall and Spring season. Summers can be quite an experience in Louisville, provided you can bear with the rains. Highest temperature in Louisville is recorded as 93.2 in July. Lowest temperature in Louisville is recorded as 6.8 in January.


Fun city facts and activities

    Sure, Kentucky is known for its bourbon, horce races and music scenebut even a short visit to Louisville makes it clear that the state's greatness is not necessarily confined to whiskey and honky tonk.

    Downtown Louisville has an incredible art scene and is booming with independent businesses and charming shops. There is much to discover: from an art gallery and hotel hybrid to must-try restaurants and a museum dedicated to Americas sport, baseball, one of the greatest music festivals in the country. So, whether you're a local looking for a fun night out or planning a trip to discover all of the the area's cultural gems, you'll want to consult our list of very fun things to do in Louisville, KY while in town.
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Neighborhoods to explore

    Cherokee Triangle
    Crescent Hill
    The Highlands

Food Specialties

    Kentuckians have a special kind of nostalgia, one that sparks curiosity and a desire to try new things in inventive ways on a daily basisespecially when it comes to food. In recent years, the citys dining scene has majorly evolved, bringing in a variety of novel tastes, techniques and cultures to all the major eateries in town, effectively rendering the citys gastronomic stage one of the most eclectic across the country. So, after (or before, or while) tackling our list of best things to do in town, make sure to fuel up at the best restaurants in Louisville. A combination of celebrity chef-helmed eateries, mom-and-pop stops and hole-in-the-walls will fill up your belly in new, unexpected and very delicious ways.

Louisville Offbeat activities

Free or cheap things to do

1. Take a tour of the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience - Located in Louisville's historic Whiskey Row, the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience offers guided tours and tastings of the city's favorite bourbon.

2. Go Kayaking or Canoeing on the Ohio River - Rent a kayak or canoe from the Ohio River Greenway and explore the Ohio River from Louisville.

3. Take a Ghost Tour - Join one of the many ghost tour companies in Louisville and explore the supernatural side of the city.

4. Visit the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory - Tour the factory where Louisville Slugger bats are made, and check out the museum featuring over 70 bats from famous baseball players.

5. Visit the Louisville Mega Cavern - Explore a 17-mile man-made cavern located beneath the city. The Mega Cavern offers several fun activities like zip-lining, rope courses, and bike trails.

6. Take a Louisville Beer Tour - Sample some of the

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Kid friendly

Fun things to do in with kids

Free or cheap things to do

We love checking out the zoo when we visit a new city because its easy to know what to expect and fun for the whole family. The Louisville Zoo is very highly rated, clean, and you can tell they truly love the animals in their care. They also have some beautiful gardens that are worth walking around.

things to do in louisville with kids
If you are looking to feel the true spirit of Louisville, Kentucky with your kids, head to Joe Hubers Family Farm in Starlight. It is a bit of a drive, but it will be worth it. The Huber family has lived on this land since 1843, so you can count on learning some history during your visit. You can also eat some delicious food at their restaurant and they have u-pick fruits and veggies depending on the season.

The Louisville Slugger is the #1 Bat in Major League Baseball and you can see right where they are crafted! You are literally seeing history in the making as you walk through the factory. There are tons of cool things to see in the museum and both you and your kiddos will enjoy it. Oh, and dont forget to check out the worlds largest bat!

There are three floors of super interactive exhibits that your kiddos will love at the Kentucky Science Center. It isnt the most elaborate or high tech museum, but it is a great place to duck in on a hot day. The museum would also make for a great rainy day activity!

This is the oldest operating Mississippi style riverboat in the world! You can go sightseeing or on a dinner cruise on the Belle of Louisville, and either way, it will be a one of a kind experience. They do cruise year-round always offering different special experiences. And, you can count on the music always being lively while you cruise!

The Mary M. Miller is the Belle of Louisvilles sister boat. She is not a steamboat but does have a paddlewheel. This boat is also climate controlled, making it a very appealing option in the hot summer months of Louisville.

The Muhammad Ali Center is located right in the center of historic downtown, meaning it should be an easy place to add onto a list full of stops. The center is jam-packed with education, inspiration, and activities of all sorts inspired by the ideals of hometown hero Muhammad Ali. You can watch some historic Civil Rights era media footage or participate in some interactive boxing. It is truly something special to experience with your kids and a highly recommended thing to do in Louisville.

There are over 100 parks in Louisville! We will speak specifically about a few below, but we also want to inspire you to go out and find your own adventures. These parks are all different, so you should be able to find one that is the perfect fit for your family. You can find hikes, horseback rides, swimming pools, and amphitheaters.

This is the park to head to if you are looking for a hike perfect for kids in Lousiville. There are fossil beds, making this a pretty special place! On top of that, there are multiple trails and it is the perfect place to go fishing or have a picnic.

This park is definitely one of the most picturesque making it one of my favorite sites on this list of things to do with kids in Louisville. It is right on the Ohio River with a great view of the Big Four Bridges. This park also hosts plenty of different events, so you might catch some live music or fireworks.

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City data and FAQ 

Is Louisville a good place to visit?

Yes. Many places to visit Two I enjoy, Churchill Downs, and the factory that makes Louisville Slugger baseball bats. A lot of good food there, too!
Tommy Harris-Soky Lives in Kentucky (1947 Present)

Are two days enough to visit Louisville?

If you have more than two days to visit Louisville and youre a sports fan, sure there are some interesting aspects of the city to explore. Sports isnt really up my alley, but Id be alright with visiting a museum about it in Louisville. History is up my alley.
Kyle Breaux - Lives in Corvallis, OR

I think two is more than enough unless it takes you that long for you to go through the Corvette Museum.
Paul Riggs - Lives in Dallas, TX (1979 Present)

What is Louisville known for?

Louisville, Kentucky is known for The University of Louisville Cardinals sports teams; Churchill Downs, the historic horse-racetrack; The Louisville Slugger Museum (for baseball); The Mega Caverns, with its zip-line and its drive-through Christmas activity.
Also, in either Louisville or the nearly southern Indiana area, the following three restaurant franchises began or have their headquarters Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC); Papa Johns Pizza; Texas Roadhouse
Z. E. Kendall Lives in Kentucky (1991 Present)

Many many important things, but the most famous is the Kentucky Derby. Also the Louisville Slugger baseball bat. And, of course, the University of Louisville, just to name a few.
Thomas Smith - Lives in Kentucky (1949 Present)

Is Louisville a walkable city?

The government of Louisville desires for Louisville to be a walkable city. The waterfront park area near downtown is walkable. Most of the other parks are walkable and relatively safe. However, I would not recommend walking much in large portions of Louisville outside of that due to crime-related risks.
I personally consider Louisville, Kentucky to be a city for cars and car-travel. If youre living there in a day-to-day sense, the commute can easily be a half-hour to get from one side of Jefferson County to the other while driving, assuming you are not traveling during rush-hours.
Z. E. Kendall Lives in Kentucky (1991 Present)

For tourists on foot I would recommend Old Louisville (specifically St. James Court and Belgravia Court) and Audubon Park in the spring, when the azaleas and dogwood trees are in bloom. You miss too much when you drive past.
Lives in Mississippi Gulf Coast (2013 Present)

There are multiple parks with pretty, scenic walking trails, but you really need a car to get around Louisville. Many streets and roads dont have sidewalks and are in my opinion, unsafe for walkers and even cyclists due to the speed limit and traffic patterns. That said, downtown Louisville and along the river is walkable and Bardstown Rd and Frankfort Ave are very walkable.
Beth Blair Lives in Louisville, KY

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