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Fun Things to do in Baltimore


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Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland and the center of a metropolitan area of 1.5 million people. Located on the Chesapeake Bay, the city is a melting pot of cultures and neighborhoods, ranging from metal and glass skyscrapers to brick row houses to the famous Inner Harbor.


Best time to go

The best time to visit Baltimore is from June to August, but you'll have to book early. While summer brings heavy crowds, peak season hotel rates and soaring temperatures, the city overflows with unique events and festivities.


Fun city facts and activities

    When you think of Baltimore, what comes to mind is probably the picturesque Inner Harbor and delicious steamed crabs dusted with Old Bay spice (and a wooden mallet for smashing). Those in the know may also think of John Waters, The Wire and "hon", a term of endearment. Want to know more? Get a good overview of the city's diverse offerings with these top things to do in Baltimore. Charm City offers lessons in American History alongside boutique hotels and trendy restaurants as well as quirky festivals and street markets. The city remains unpretentious, offering an urban experience perhaps more authentic than some of its neighbors to the north and south.
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Neighborhoods to explore

    Mount Washington Roland Park Fells Point Locust Point Glen Federal Hill Canton

Food Specialties

    The dining scene in Baltimore includes so much more than just steamed crab encrusted with Old Bay (but by no means should you neglect that regional delicacy). Charm City has undergone a culinary renaissance recently, and the best restaurants in Baltimore now comprise a diverse restaurant scene that embraces flavors from around the globe. Alongside classic fine dining restaurants, you'll find Venezuelan arepas, Basque pinxtos and Asian fusion steamed buns. On this list you'll find pricey venues helmed by James Beard Award-winning chefs sharing a spot next to equally-well-loved small BYOB joints and new restaurants on top of the latest cocktail trends. Also included are decades-old favorites whose dishes have stood the test of time. And, of course, there is a crab house, for those times when you're both hungry and hankering to smash something.

Baltimore Offbeat activities

Free or cheap things to do

1. Explore the Inner Harbor - Take a stroll around the famous Inner Harbor and explore its abundance of shops, restaurants, and nightlife. 2. Get Lost in the Baltimore Museum of Art - Explore the world-renowned artwork at the Baltimore Museum of Art. 3. Climb the Top of Federal Hill - Climb to the top of Federal Hill and take in the amazing views of the city. 4. Visit the Edgar Allen Poe House - Take a tour of the house that once belonged to the famous poet and author, Edgar Allen Poe. 5. Take a Clipper City Tall Ship Tour - Climb aboard the Clipper City tall ship and explore the historic waters of the city. 6. Get a Taste of Baltimore's Ethnic Food Scene - Sample the diverse array of ethnic food offerings in the city. 7. Attend a Baltimore Orioles Game - Watch the Baltimore Orioles take on their opponents at Oriole Park.

Offbeat activites

Nashville seasonal activities

Activities for every season

1. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum � Explore the history of country music and all the famous musicians who have shaped the genre. 2. Tour the Grand Ole Opry � Take in a show at the Grand Ole Opry, the world-famous country music stage and home to a variety of live performances. 3. Check out the Nashville Zoo � Spend the day at the Nashville Zoo, featuring more than 300 different species of animals, interactive experiences and shows. 4. Spend an afternoon at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens � Wander the beautiful grounds of Cheekwood Estate & Gardens, a 55-acre estate featuring sculptures, gardens and a historic mansion. 5. Attend the CMA Music Festival � Join the thousands of music fans that flock to Nashville each summer for the CMA Music Festival, a four-day event featuring performances from some of the biggest names in country music. 6. Get outdoors at Percy Warner Park �

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Kid friendly

Fun things to do in with kids

Free or cheap things to do

1. Port Discovery Port Discovery, located about a block away from the Inner Harbor, is the perfect place to play with the family if you have kids ages about 9 and under. With the major renovations that were unveiled in summer 2019, Port Discovery became an even more awesome destination for kid friendly fun! 2. National Aquarium The National Aquarium is one of the crown jewels of the Inner Harbor. Ticket prices can be a little pricey but the pay off is pretty huge. There are so many distinct habitats, fish, animals_ 3. Maryland Science Center The other crown jewel of the Inner Harbor is the Maryland Science Center. The Science Center has tons of STEM activities for young children, tweens and teens, and even adults. Dont miss the Planetarium, the IMAX, or the Sun Observatory. 4. The Maryland Zoo Our family absolutely adores The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. It is perfect for younger kids because the animals are so accessible, there are tons of play areas, and its incredibly walkable. Everyone in the family will love experiencing the animals up close though� especially the giraffes, lions, chimpanzees, elephants, and bears! 5. B&O Railroad Museum If you have a train lover, you absolutely must visit the B&O Railroad Museum! There are plenty of fun kids activities and regular special event train rides. You can read our review of the B&O Railroad Museum here, as well as tips for the best times to check it out! 6. Historic Ships In Baltimore Hop on board the USS Constellation, a submarine, Coast Guard cutter and more! 7. Urban Pirates Speaking of ships, if your kids want a super fun adventure, try your hand at becoming an actual pirate for a day! 8. American Visionary Art Museum This amazing quirky, wacky art museum in Baltimore is perfect for Charm City. Your kids will love it too. 9. Walters Art Museum This small but very engaging art museum is FREE! How can you beat that cost? For families the best part is the basement, which hosts free drop-in art activities every weekend, as well as classes (with a small cost) on a regular basis. 10. Baltimore Museum of Art The 3rd major art museum in Baltimore is pretty amazing for kids too! The Baltimore Museum of Art has some great exhibits that will keep your kids attention for sure.

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City data and FAQ 

What is Baltimore known for? The beautiful inner harbor. the Ravens football team, the birthplace of American railroading. the home of the Star Spangled Banner the Johns Hopkins Hospital and University, and many other things. It is hard for me to put my finger on a single one. Mike Dancy � Lives in Baltimore Ironically, the Baltimore Aquarium and Lobster with drawn butter. Also, crab cakes and clam bakes. Yum. Johnna Kay Zwernemann � Lives in San Antonio Hon - that is your handle, nickname, term of endearment, etc. Everyone is a Hon, short for honey. Crabs - Steamed crabs are something that most of us can get giddy about (especially at the current market value - I paid $10/crab for larges about 6 weeks ago and they were not larges to me). Da Os - Baltimores much loved MLB franchise aka the Orioles Da Ravens - ditto for NFL franchise. Inner Harbor - It was our crowned jewel and drew many tourists from all over. It has fallen on difficult times in the past few years but there is still some things to do and see. The Avenue - nickname for 36th Street and a mecca for shoppers, eaters and drinkers. I grew up there and it has changed dramatically over the years. It is now high end as opposed to dive bars and greasy spoons. The neighborhoods - it is becoming less so but there were distinct ethnic neighborhoods in town. John Tunney � Lived in Baltimore (1957 � 1987) Great sports, great museums, great architecture, great food, industrious people, lousy local government and police. If you stay in the safer areas, it can be a fun place to visit. You also are a reasonable drive away from D.C. and Annapolis. Mark Adams � Lives in Baltimore Do you need a car to visit Baltimore? Yes- if possible because there isnt a great subway system. There is one- but it doesnt go to many places. A car is your best bet. Susan Hurd � Lives in Baltimore Depends, but the light rail goes to the BWI airport and you can get to the inner harbor and other places on it. So depending on what you want to do and go it's possible you won't need one. Tom Evers Are two days enough to visit Baltimore? You can hit the highlights in 2 days. The problem is that you would only scratch the surface. Reputation on TV aside, Baltimore has much to offer. If you dont see Ft McHenry, take a boat trip of the harbor, see an Orioles game, visit the acquarium, partake in a festival _ or two _ and chow down in some of the local eateries, you are cheating yourself. Mike Morris � Lives in Baltimore What makes Baltimore a good city to visit? Yes, please visit Baltimore to see the museums such as the Walters Art Gallery and the Baltimore Museum of Art. Also visit the historical sights such as Fort McHenry, Edgar Allen Poe Museum, the inner harbor, and other historical sights. Just a short drive south is Annapolis and Washington, D.C. both with interesting places to eat, sights to see, and historically significant areas of interest. You can also catch a baseball or football game played by our resurgent Baltimore Orioles and our always entertaining Ravens football team. Michael E. Leonard � Lived in Baltimore (1960 � 1999) There are many fine attractions and social establishments to be entertained, dined, wined, etc. There are some very posh and upscale businesses in the metro area. Surrounding communities are also filled with stuff. Maryland blue crab steamed is a serious delicacy to us. Maryland crab cakes, oysters and soft crabs are all great. Travelling around at night is not so big a deal - do like me and act like you own the place. John Tunney � Lived in Baltimore (1957 � 1987)

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