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sunset in spanish

" The Spanish word for "sunset" is "puesta del sol."

"Puesta del sol" literally means "setting of the sun," and it refers to the time of day when the sun appears to be setting below the horizon. Sunset is the period of time during which the sun disappears below the horizon in the evening, and it is typically marked by a gradual change in the colors of the sky as the sun's light is refracted through the atmosphere.

In Spanish-speaking countries, sunset is often a time of day when people gather to enjoy the beauty of the sky and the cooler temperatures that come with the end of the day. It is a popular time for outdoor activities such as picnics, walks, and other leisurely pursuits.

In addition to "puesta del sol," other common Spanish words for sunset include "ocaso," which means "dusk," and "crepúsculo," which means "twilight." These terms all refer to the period of time between sunset and nightfall, when the sky is lit by the residual light of the sun.

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