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Montréal’s best chocolate shops


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We have our fair share of exceptional chocolate shops spread through the city. We’ve listed some of our favourites below by neighbourhood, so you can head to the one closest to you when a chocolate craving hits or when you need an exquisite gift. We’ve also listed some local shops that have online boutiques. We have no doubt that you’ll find a favourite among their many creations, from molded crispy bars to rich, decadent truffles or luscious, stuffed bonbons.

Downtown/Quartiers du Canal/Pôle des Rapides

Divine Chocolatier: For over two decades, chocolatier Richard Zwierzynski has specialized in the time-honoured traditions of classic chocolate-making by hand and in small batches to ensure freshness.

Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois (Atwater Market): Many of Montréal’s most-celebrated chocolate makers are women, and Geneviève Grandbois is a stellar example. Her elegant confections lay like jewels in beautiful packaging and her whimsical flavour combinations are always a delight to discover.

Chocolats Privilège (Atwater Market): Pralines, caramels, truffles, bars, ganache, spreads and more are all delicious at this most-loved store, especially the champagne truffles and the single-origin bonbons.

Lecavalier Petrone (Pointe Saint-Charles and several other outlets): These unique and gorgeous chocolates made by two young chocolate makers are so different from all other bonbons you’ll find around town. Each piece is a hand painted work of art with colourful specks, stripes and splatters. The chocolates are as delicious as they are pretty.

Marius et Fanny: A large variety of flavoured fine chocolates, including an exclusive range for Valentine's Day, are available at this most-loved downtown address.

Plateau-Mont-Royal/Mile End

Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois: Located in the heart of the Mile End, this is the original Geneviève Grandbois store.

Les Chocolats de Chloé: All the chocolates of this adorable shop are made by hand in its open kitchen. The truffles and bars are delicious, but the chocolate-covered sponge toffee is a favourite.

Fous Desserts: Beloved pastry and chocolate shop Fous Desserts has been a local favourite located on the Plateau for the past 20 years. Their handmade chocolate bonbons are unique, stuffed with homemade fruit or spice ganaches, pralines and caramels. As for their chocolate bars, those are made from premium chocolates (dark, milk, white or blond chocolate) with the aim of exploring the subtleties of the cocoa flavours.

Ernestine: Art, cakes and chocolate making come together seamlessly in this modern chocolate shop.

Chocolats Andrée: Open since 1940, this is the oldest chocolate shop in Montréal where they still make everything by hand and use vintage molds for their confections. After closing for a short period, the store was reopened by Luxemburg-based chocolaterie Genaveh, who continue to make the traditional house specialties.

Chocolats Monarque: This small Mile End chocolate producer makes a small collection of single origin bars with carefully selected beans. You can find the Monarque bars at État de choc, Boucherie Lawrence, Dispatch and more. Their chocolate is also used to make the Allô Simone spreads.

Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie/Little Italy/Villeray/North of the Island

Chocolats Privilège (Jean-Talon Market and Fleury East Street): Pralines, caramels, truffles, bars, ganache, spreads and more are all delicious at this most-loved store, especially the champagne truffles and the single-origin bonbons.

Bonneau Chocolatier: Using the best quality chocolate and no added sugar, Bonneau makes exquisite chocolates and offers suggestions on which wines to pair them with best. They have also started a bean-to-bar collection of chocolate bars.

Joane L’Heureux Chocolats: Although classic, these chocolates are made from the best ingredients and imbued with Joane L’Heureux’ 12 years of experience.

Chocobel: This small Villeray shop offers dozens of stuffed bonbons as well as other chocolate specialties and workshops.

État de choc: This gorgeous minimalist boutique highlights and sells chocolates from all of Québec’s bean-to-bar makers and works its chocolate into customized bars and bonbons. Its dark chocolate, corn and chilli pepper mini bar is particularly tasty. État de choc also offers workshops where chocolate lovers can make their own bars and enjoy a chocolate tasting.They also sell all of their products online.

Avanaa: Visit Catherine, one of the handful of bean-to-bar chocolate makers in Montréal, in her tiny Villeray workshop, where you can taste and buy her single-plantation chocolate bars. These incredible chocolates can also be bought online and at several stores around town.

M. & Mme Chocolat: This Petite Patrie chocolate shop is run by a couple whose passion is chocolate. They offer high quality chocolate bars, boxes of chocolate bonbons as well as gourmet bars stuffed with homemade quality confections such as praline and caramel.

Amango Cacao: Gogbeu and Lydie, two chocolate lovers, created Amango Cacao in order to support cocoa producers and help them attain a better quality of life. At their little shop on Masson Street, they take great care in preparing high quality, fair trade chocolate, including many vegan chocolate treats.


Christophe Morel: Award-winning chocolate maker Christophe Morel makes some of the best chocolates in Montréal. His chocolate bars are first class, his bonbon boxes are elegant, and his chocolate sculptures are legendary (although you can’t really buy one).

Le Comptoir Chocolat: Organic and fair-trade chocolate wrapped in gorgeous signature paper makes these products distinctively elegant and great for gifting.

Qantu: Peruvian cocoa beans are used to make these incredibly delicious and award winning bean-to-bar chocolate bars that can also be found at a lot of stores around town.

Barbon : A recent addition to the Montréal bean-to-bar scene, Barbon uses high quality beans to make their small batch handmade bars, which you can purchase online or at some select stores.

Rebel Chocolates : Rebel is an online chocolate shop based in Montréal and specializing in the sale of artisanal and ethical chocolate bars from a handful of makers, including Montréal’s Qantu. They also make organic and fair-trade liquid cocoa for hot chocolate. You can buy their chocolates on their online boutique.

Chocolat Dicitte: Chef Franck Dury Pavet has a 20 year or so experience as the chocolate maker at Fous Desserts. Chocolat Dicitte is his new eco-conscious and responsible venture. The cocoa beans are carefully selected before being processed at his workshop and turned into an exquisite collection of bean-to-bar tablets. Their chocolates are sold online as well as at several retailers.

Chocolat Boréal: From careful sourcing to eco-friendly packaging, everything at Chocolat Boréal is selected to fit their mission of making great chocolate responsibly. Their line of Nordic-inspired bonbons is especially enticing with local flavours such as Sea Buckthorn, maple, balsam fir or Labrador tea infused into the high quality chocolate. A vegan line of products is also available. You’ll find these chocolates online and at some retailers.


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