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BlackPink announces world tour "Born Pink"

Don't miss the “biggest K-pop girl group world tour” in history performing in the following major cities:

2022 tour dates

  • Seoul: October 15th and 16th

  • Dallas: October 25

  • Houston: October 29

  • Atlanta: November 2

  • Hamilton: November 6-7

  • Chicago: November 10th-11th

  • Newark: November 14-15th

  • Los Angeles: November 19th

  • London: November 30th, December 1

  • Barcelona: December 5

  • Cologne: December 8

  • Paris: December 11-12

  • Amsterdam- December 18th

The road map for BLACKPINK’s comeback has finally been unveiled. It’s the return of ‘YouTube Queens’ with two music videos for their new song, full album, and a mega-scale world tour unfolding.

YG Entertainment uploaded ‘LACKPINK – ‘BORN PINK’ ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER’ on their official social media on the 1st, notifying of the group’s comeback schedule.

The clip’s subtitle showed ‘PRE-RELEASE SINGLE’ in August, ‘ALBUM RELEASE’ in September, and ‘WORLD TOUR BEGINS’ in October.

The clip also showed pink water drops falling from a sharp canine tooth, spreading fast after falling on something. The addictive yet mysterious background beat made listeners’ heart beat fast, drawing curiosity on the song.

The project name turned out to be ‘BORN PINK’. The project name portrays the unrivaled presence of the group that will take over the music scene with their one and only charisma.

Fans’ expectations are already running high as YG notified of a double title, not to mention the strong message the comeback project title conveys.

As BLACKPINK’s comeback as a whole group comes in about a year and 10 months, and two music videos have been produced with the highest production cost so far, fans are expecting the group to reach astonishing results with their new album.

In fact, BLACKPINK has been sweeping major charts both home and abroad with their new songs, but they’ve also been reaching various first, best, and most titles on YouTube. This shows their influence as the group with the most number of subscribers on YouTube among all male and female artists around the world.

YG said “We’ve prepared special activities that live up to the girls’ reputation as a top artist, apart from the revealed schedules. The girls are determined to pay back the love global fans have been showing them”.

They then added, “Please look forward to BLACKPINK’s activities and newly revealed information on the new songs. This will be a major project that will hold the title of ‘the greatest’ so far”.

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