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New York City, officially the City of New York, historically New Amsterdam, the Mayor, Alderman, and Commonality of the City of New York, and New Orange, byname the Big Apple, city and port located at the mouth of the Hudson River, southeastern New York state, northeastern U.S. It is the largest and most influential American metropolis, encompassing Manhattan and Staten islands, the western sections of Long Island, and a small portion of the New York state mainland to the north of Manhattan. New York City is in reality a collection of many neighbourhoods scattered among the citys five boroughsManhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Islandeach exhibiting its own lifestyle. Moving from one city neighbourhood to the next may be like passing from one country to another.


Best time to go

Fall and spring are considered by tourists and locals as the best times to visit, and you can expect pleasant temperatures to reign in the months from April to June and September until November.


Fun city facts and activities

    See one of the worlds loveliest final-resting places at Green-Wood Cemetery
    Visit the moving African Burial Ground National Monument
    Discover unsung talent at the American Folk Art Museum
    Hear sizzling live jazz at Barb̬s
    Pay your respects at Grants Tomb
    See haute stuff at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Museum
    Admire Brooklyn Collectives curated street art in Bushwick
    Get a culture fix in the Boogie Down at the Bronx Museum of the Arts
    Savor each of Central Parks 843 acres
    Gallery-hop in West Chelsea
    Hop on a boat to bike around Governors Island
    Admire Lady Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry
    See how the magic happens during a Brooklyn Brewery tour
    Catch a cool show at BRIC House and Celebrate Brooklyn!
    Promenade on the High Line
    Explore Native American culture at the National Museum of the American Indian
    Attend a Shakespeare play
    Get inspired to put down that phone at the New York Public Library
    See a work of art made from 140 tons of dirt
    Interact with the art at Socrates Sculpture Park
City facts

Neighborhoods to explore

    East Village
    Lower East Side
    Greenwich Village

Food Specialties

    The New York culinary scene is ever-changing, but one thing holds true: the best NYC food is as iconic as the city skyline. Hot dogs and cheese pizza. Deli sandwiches and blue-plate specials. Italian and Jewish eats, so authentic that youd think you were on the edge of the Mediterranean. Check out the best food in NYC, including legendary dishes given a modern spin.

New York City Offbeat activities

Free or cheap things to do

1. Take a cruise to the Statue of Liberty: This is a great way to see the iconic statue up close and personal.

2. Visit the New York Public Library: It is considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world and for good reason.

3. Explore the High Line: This is a unique park that was created on an old elevated railway line.

4. Take a walking tour of the city: There are many guided walking tours that take you to some of the best-known and lesser-known areas of the city.

5. Take a ghost tour: Learn about the citys spooky past on a ghost tour.

6. Enjoy a view from the Top of the Rock: Head to the top of the Rockefeller Center to take in the stunning views of NYC.

7. Go to a rooftop bar: Rooftop bars are becoming increasingly popular in NYC and are a great way to take

Offbeat activites
Kid friendly

Fun things to do in with kids

Free or cheap things to do

1-Pet the Animals in the Small Central Park Zoo
2-Watch a Puppet Show at Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater
3-See a Gazillion Bubbles at the Gazillion Bubble Show
4-Enjoy Toddler-Sized Playgrounds at Brooklyn Bridge Park
5-Ride Jane's Carousel Under the Brooklyn Bridge
6. The Brooklyn or Manhattan Children's Museum
7. Show Toddlers Dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History
8. Ride Toddler Rides at Victorian Gardens or Coney Island Amusement Park
9. Build a Stuffed Toy at the Build-a-Bear Foundation
10.See Colorful Trains at the New York Transit Museum
11. Sail Around the Statue of Liberty
12. Stroll Around the Exciting Times Square

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City data and FAQ 

Is New York City worth visiting?

The city that never sleeps. Its true, but much more. Broadway, Times Square, the Empire State Bldg. 9/11 Memorial, countless museums, Rockefeller. Center, Diversity of everything_and everyone, the Battery, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Prospect Park, the Bronx Zoo, the Botanical Garden, Coney Island, Brooklyn Bridge, little Italys, Chinatownn, Little Russia, and Ukraine, the Cloisters_ Really, one could go on, and on. The City is worth far more than one short visit. Its expensive, noisy, tiring, fascinating, overwhelming, but also home to millions of people, rich, poor, ordinary and extraordinary, who love and sometimes hate it. But many would live nowhere else.
Richard Moffa - B. A. in International Studies, The Ohio State University

I lived in NYC for 27 years, so Yes, it is worth visiting! There are so many cultural things available, and the Bronx Zoo is fabulous for a days outing! Do not go in the summer when the temperatures and humidity levels are in the 90s F. Add the pollution levels to that, and you will be miserable, especially if you go down to the lower levels of the subway where all three are worse.
Shieley Savva Lived in New York City (1979 2006)

Are two days enough to visit New York City?

Not really. It depends on what your interest are- museums, theater, dining.45 days and you would be able to see and do a crosssececton of a variety of places to go to and see.
Lori Press Lives in Manhattan

As the most populous city in the United States, and the de facto world capital of business, culture, entertainment, fashion and government, it is possible to spend a lifetime here (as most New Yorkers do) and not scratch the surface of all that the city has to offer. Given that, if a lifetime is not enough, two days certainly isnt either. So the best suggestion is to start with how much time you have available, and then try to fill it with the most satisfying things for you. If you only have a couple of hours on a layover, take a helicopter tour. If you have a couple of days, decide if you want to to see only a few tourist sites (Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Circle Line cruise, etc.) or get a feel for one small neighborhood (there are dozens of neighborhoods in NYC where two days would give you only a brief introduction.)
Most visitors would typically allocate at least 57 days which would allow you to do several tourist things, add a few shows and museums, and explore some neighborhoods.
David S. Rose Lives in New York City
I can safely say its not enough time if traveling by plane depending on where you are. It takes 20 to 22 hours to fly one way to New York City from anywhere in east or southeast Asia. So, if youre in Asia, your days are numbered: By the time you get here, youd still have a few hours left before its time for you to fly back to your original destination and dont forget, it might take two to three hours to get to the check-in and through security alone after COVID-19.
Bryan Quach Lives in New York City (1980 Present)
To experience the variety no, 2 days isn't enough in any place. It depends on the experience you want to have. NYC has 5 boroughs each is uniquely different. Maybe 2 weeks to go to events, check out attractions in other boroughs, museums, lounges, live music, the parks, restaurants alone could be a whole trip. Don't just stay in Manhattan.
Kaylia Lives in Brooklyn, NY (1994 Present)

What is New York City most known for?

It is famous as an entry point to the US, as a financial center, as a place where many peoples of the world come to live, as a place of skyscraper buildings, as a place right now with expensive real estate for rent or purchase, as a place for high quality live entertainment dance, theatre, music, opera, symphonies, as a place to see a range of films, as the home of many reputable universities and medical centers, as a!place for striving.
Sarah LaBelle Lives in the United States of America

Do you need a car to visit New York City?

Having lived in NYC for many many years (both with and without a car) my answer here is; having a car in the city is a total pain the neck and extremely expensive. Use public transportation its faster, easier and cheaper. Unless you have special needs for a vehicle do yourself a favor and leave your car at home.
Catalina Montalvo-Meders Lives is New York City

Yes yes and yes. In fact to do otherwise is foolish. Parking is ridiculously expensive and traffic is a nightmare. The transit system is the way to go.
Chirstopher Ducra Lived in New York City

No, stay away from a car - parking is expensive and hard to find- NYC is a very walkable city and subways can get you anywhere. Also Uber and Lyft available.
Claudio Huttick- Lives in New York City (1999 Present)
So, other people have already told you that no, you do not need a car. This is true, but you may need more information. If you are a tourist visiting New York City, you are probably staying in Manhattan and not venturing beyond Manhattan. Thats fine. Thees lots to do and see, including lots of the things that New York is best known for. A car is not only no necessary, but a detriment. Its very congested. Parking is very expensive. The subway will get you where you want to go, and if for some reason it doesnt, its easy enough to take a cab or a Lyft or an Uber.
Eleanor Lang Lives in New York City

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