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"TRUTH AND DARE" Stephanie In Concert 2022 Exclusive Priority Booking on

Stephanie Cheng, whose song, Drink More Water, placed 4th at the 2022 Ultimate Song Chart Awards, will give a solo concert - "TRUTH AND DARE" Stephanie In Concert 2022 at Macpherson Stadium on Saturday July 16. This is her first solo concert since her Stephanie Cheng LIVE LIKE 18 Concert in 2013. is the exclusive advance ticketing agency. Tickets will be sold at HK$480 and HK$680 respectively. The users to successfully book the first 100* tickets will be assigned the most favorable seats available. So don't miss out.

*These include the first 80 tickets priced at HK$680 and first 20 tickets priced at HK$480. The seats for these 100 tickets will be assigned by the organizer. To learn more about this event (including terms and conditions) and buy tickets, please visit:

"Truth OR Dare?" Why not both? Truth AND Dare"

The pandemic has limited our social lives over the past few years, and we've been looking to catch a break. That's the reason for the Truth AND Dare concert. The audience will join Stephanie in an emotional adventure that will give vent to true feelings and release stress through special visual effects and songs of all styles. Why just "Truth OR Dare?" Why not both? Truth AND Dare.

Soothing and heartwarming music

Maybe there have been moments in your life accompanied by Stephanie Cheng's singing. Stephanie Cheng has been praised by netizens as a singer who teaches and heals the soul. Her relaxing songs, such as Lifelong Study, Traffic Light, Health Education, and Drink More Water, are like a balm to heal our broken hearts. Stephanie feels lucky to have grown up with her fans. As a gift to thank fans for their support over the years, in addition to offering spiritual consolation, she'll sing some of her B-Side songs and quick-rhythm songs that have almost never previously been performed in public.

Sharing a healthy life on SNS

Stephanie has been busy rehearsing her singing and dancing to prepare for her solo concert. She's doing more physical exercise so that she can perform her best at the show. She's also made some YouTube videos such as "At Home" to share her daily life with her fans, showing a personal side of herself outside of her role as a singer. The videos highlight her optimistic and upbeat personality in her singing style and her daily life. In addition, Stephanie will be rolling out new musical pieces that will break away from her previous style. Her fans can expect more.

"Truth AND Dare" Stephanie In Concert 2022 Address: Macpherson Stadium (No. 38, Nelson Street, Mong Kok)

Date: Saturday July 16, 2022

Time: 20:15

Priority Booking dates: May 18 (10:00) to May 31 (23:59)

Priority Booking channel: website and mobile app

Ticketing: HKD$ 680 and HKD$ 480 (there will be an additional HK$30 charge). The users to successfully book the first 100 tickets can get the most favorable seats available for sales at two prices. The seats for these 100 tickets will be assigned by the organizer. Besides, users can enjoy instant discounts of up to HK$ 110 if they use consumption vouchers or designated credit cards to settle the payments.

Organizer: SKN LIVE

Management: Starz Entertainment

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