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The House of Rémy Martin and The MICHELIN Guide Continue to Team Up with International Partnership to Promote the Taste of Excellence Across the Globe

For almost three centuries, the House of Rémy Martin has teamed up with vintners to infuse the taste of the terroir in its Cognacs. The MICHELIN Guide has shined a light on regional specialties and gastronomic talent worldwide for over one hundred years. As icons of fine dining and spirits, Michelin and Rémy Martin continue to celebrate sustainable excellence and exceptional know-how across continents, expanding the two-year partnership into Canada with the MICHELIN Guide Toronto, its first Canadian destination.

An exclusive partner of the MICHELIN Guide, Rémy Martin is honored to be part of the culinary celebrations and discovery of chefs and restaurants paving the way in exquisite gastronomy in the vibrant city of Toronto. Similar to the passion seen in MICHELIN Guide honorees, the work mirrors the commitment of the Cellar Masters at Rémy Martin, with their unwavering vision of excellence and craftsmanship to the land and the Cognac Fine Champagne they produce.

"Rémy Martin is extraordinarily proud to team up with the MICHELIN Guide as global partners and to support the work of the accomplished chefs and restaurant teams of Toronto." said Baptiste Loiseau, Rémy Martin Cellar Master, "We're inspired by their dedication to strive for excellence in their craft and create unique gastronomic experiences. Similar to the craftsmanship of blending a Cognac Fine Champagne, this precision and attention to detail connects Rémy Martin and the MICHELIN Guide to create joint excellence."

The inaugural edition of the MICHELIN Guide Toronto was announced this September 2022, with a selection of incredible restaurants receiving honors, following the MICHELIN Guide's historical methodology, based on 5 universal criteria, to ensure each destination's selection' equity.

An international event partner for the MICHELIN Guide

Rémy Martin and the MICHELIN Guide share an unwavering vision of excellence passed down by the masters at Rémy Martin and the inspectors at the MICHELIN Guide for generations. To illustrate the alliance, Rémy Martin is participating in MICHELIN Star Revelation ceremonies in 19 destinations across Europe, Asia and America.

Rémy Martin becomes MICHELIN Green Star Supporter

Since the launch of the MICHELIN Green Star in 2020, the MICHELIN Guide highlights restaurants in its international selections that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to more sustainable gastronomy. A true source of inspiration for the public and the industry, these Green Starred restaurants withhold exceptional purpose-driven initiatives and demonstrate how sustainable gastronomy can lead to a more responsible future. Since 1724, Rémy Martin has been cultivating Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne to create exceptional cognacs. The House continues to implement a Sustainable Exception strategy to protect its terroir, promote biodiversity, minimize its impact on the environment and encourage its partner-growers to commit to sustainable agriculture.

From the terroir of cognac to the terroirs of the world: an exploration of exceptional international know-how

Driven by a mutual desire to discover, encourage and celebrate the best culinary talent across the globe, the MICHELIN Guide and Rémy Martin have organized immersive journeys to explore exceptional know-how in the terroirs of the world. Inspired by a shared passion for excellence, this program will shed light on outstanding Masters and creations related to fine dining and spirits.

Rémy Martin's emblem perfectly expresses the ambition of this partnership: the Centaur always has its head in the Stars and its feet on the ground.


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