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Quebec City hosts SuperFrancoFête!

SISMYK announces the production of a new musical television event showcasing the talents and voices of the world's French-speaking community

To celebrate the French-speaking community that is so dear to our hearts, SISMYK, the music division of ComediHa!, announces the production of a new musical television event: La SuperFrancoFête. This great celebration, which will bring together about 100 artists and artisans from several regions and countries of the French-speaking world, will be held at the Agora in Quebec City on Thursday, September 1. This emblematic event, which will bring people together, will both promote the French language and open our horizons to the different cultures and customs of French-speaking countries, since it will be broadcast around the world.

Logo SuperFrancoFête

An explosion of talent from the global Francophonie

By hosting this first edition, SISMYK wishes to recognize the 1974 event, which brought together thousands of Francophones from around the world and made history with the show, "J'ai vu le loup, le renard, le lion" (I saw the wolf, the fox, the lion), and brought together on-stage Félix Leclerc, Gilles Vigneault and Robert Charlebois. On the eve of the 50th anniversary of this mythical event, La SuperFrancoFête promises an evening with artists from all walks of life who will present original numbers and original musical encounters in duos, trios, and groups. About 30 singers will unite their love of the language of Molière to pay tribute to past and present Francophone music from all around the world – from east to west and north to south. Between tradition and modernity, cultures, and singular sounds, this is a golden opportunity to discover Francophone music with its different appeals and faces, all gathered on the same stage!

It is in SISMYK's DNA to be passionate about music and demonstrate its love for the French language. With the roadmap and history of SISMYK, with Paris-Quebec since 2008, it is a logical continuation for us to pursue this mission to spread our language, position ourselves as leaders and define ourselves through the SuperFrancoFête as a natural gathering point for Francophones and Francophiles from all around the world. – Sylvain Parent-Bédard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer SISMYK

In addition to welcoming some of the biggest names in the French-speaking world, La SuperFrancoFête will also allow us to discover the most promising talents from different countries! The initial objective of this festival, which hopes to become an annual event, is to give space, for one evening, to the celebration of music, to the talents of the performers, as well as to the diversity of musical practices of all kinds, all under the musical direction of Scott Price, accompanied by some 20 musicians and choristerss.

This televised show of our first SuperFrancoFête was designed to encourage encounters between different generations and countries. The party will feature several musical styles, like so many squares of the French musical mosaic! Artists from several countries will come to sing their Francophone pride and make us discover the diversity of the colours of the Francophonie! A concert composed both of great classics and new discoveries! – Isabelle Viviers, Development and Content Producer SISMYK

Quebec, the accent of America, via a worldwide television broadcast

The SuperFrancoFête will be held at the Agora in Quebec City, against the backdrop of a breathtaking view of Old Quebec on the banks of the majestic St. Lawrence River. The stage will be transformed into a form never used before for the occasion. In keeping with its desire to promote Quebec City, the accent of America, the evening will be the subject of a large-scale television production. A perfect opportunity for this event that will allow our beautiful province to shine throughout the world by broadcasting the show to millions of homes around the world! Another great way for citizens to highlight their proud membership in the international Francophonie and to demonstrate the diversity of the French language through an inclusive and festive event!

On September 1, Quebec City will vibrate with the different accents of the French language from around the world. This event intends to bring people together and demonstrate a natural friendship between the different continents. Our language is an unbreakable link. Thanks to the work done upstream with several speakers from French-speaking countries, one point stands out: No matter where we come from, when we talk to each other, we understand each other. – Jean-François Blais, Creative & Content VP SISMY

Programming and details to come

With a budget of $3 million, La SuperFrancoFête promises to become an emblematic event that will provide unforgettable moments of musical entertainment. The particularly innovative programming for the September 1 event will be unveiled in a few weeks at a press conference held in Quebec City. As the site's capacity is limited, the terms of access to the event will also be revealed at that time. More details to come on


SISMYK, ComediHa!'s music division, is a production company specializing in the creation, production, promotion, and multiplatform broadcasting of various types of content: festivals, innovative and unique shows of different musical genres, tours, television productions, TV series, documentaries, variety shows and many others. Since 2008, SISMYK has produced major national and international events, along with international stars, such as Madonna, The M.D.N.A Tour, Diana Krall at the Grand-Théâtre, as well as Paris-Québec under the stars, including numerous National Holidays (2016 to 2021), Patrick Bruel with the OSQ, and, of course, Céline Dion on the Plains televised all around the world. SISMYK's mission is to promote Quebec culture and the magnificent regions of Quebec. The team of nearly 100 full-time employees has more than 20 years of experience and enjoys an enviable reputation in the cultural community, both locally and internationally.

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