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Montreal pedestrian streets 2022

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Borough mayor Luc Rabouin announced the approval of the pedestrianization projects on the Plateau:

breakdancer in montreal on a pedestrian street

  • Mont-Royal Ave. will be completely pedestrianized between St-Laurent Blvd. and Fullum St. from June 20 to Sept. 15, identical to last year’s car-free efforts.

  • St-Laurent Blvd. will be partially pedestrianized with an expansion of sidewalks between Sherbrooke St. and Mont-Royal Ave. from July 2 to Sept. 6. A traffic lane for cars will remain at its centre.

  • Duluth Ave. will be pedestrianized between St-Laurent Blvd. and St-Denis St. from July 2 to Aug. 22 on weekends.

“These projects were all developed by the merchants’ associations, in collaboration with the district. A majority of merchants have shown support for the project,” Rabouin wrote on Facebook.

“I wish to remind you all of the crucial role we can play in the survival of businesses and the vitality of our commercial streets by choosing to buy local.”

The 10 pedestrian streets not to be missed this summer

  1. Mont-Royal Avenue - from Saint-Laurent Boulevard to Fullum Street

  2. Wellington Street - 6th Avenue to Regina Street

  3. Sainte-Catherine Street East - from Saint-Hubert Street to Papineau Street

  4. Rue Ontario Est - from boulevard Pie-IX to rue Darling

  5. Avenue Duluth Est - from Saint-Laurent Boulevard to Saint-Hubert Street

  6. Rue Saint-Denis - from rue Sherbrooke to boulevard de Maisonneuve - as well as rue Emery

  7. Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest - from boulevard Saint-Laurent to rue de Bleury - as well as rue Clark - from rue de Montigny to the loading dock of the Maison du développement durable

  8. Places du Marché-du-Nord (Jean-Talon Market) - from avenue Casgrain to avenue Henri-Julien

  9. Avenue Bernard - from Avenue Wiseman to Avenue Bloomfield

  10. . Rue de Castelnau Est - from rue Saint-Denis to avenue de Gaspé

Download here the info sheet and the map of pedestrian streets 2022

Download here the photos of the pedestrian streets 2021

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