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Introducing an emerging hub for artists in NYC, Solas Studio

Solas Studio, in the Flatiron District, is fast becoming a hub for emerging artists in NYC and beyond. Solas currently encompasses a fine-art print shop, event space, and photography/video studio. As it grows, it is also building an eclectic community of die-hard local creatives across multiple disciplines. This new collective of photographers and visual artists began to coalesce in the midst of the pandemic, during a mass exodus of creatives from the city and is thriving despite the extraordinary challenge. The studio provides help financing practical expenses while regularly displaying the work of their curated membership in quarterly group shows. In contrast to the ubiquitous "vanity gallery" model it is providing a supportive home base for up-and-coming creative talent. Members can even propose their own ideas and help curate the gallery's monthly programming.

Solas Studio was founded by photographer Liam Cotter (NYU-Tisch) in 2015. As the studio has begun to expand beyond its original scope, Liam's vision for Solas is to democratize access to a range of resources for the artistic community and foster a diverse group of artists. Those who can't yet return to the city can keep in touch on the community's private Discord server.

More than a traditional photo studio, members of the collective come together regularly for workshops, critiques, and contribute work to seasonal group exhibitions hosted at Solas. The community strives to reflect the diverse nature of New York hosting artists with a wide range of backgrounds from around the globe. There are more than 80+ photographers and visual artists now associated with Solas Studio. You can see what's happening by following their instagram @solasstudionyc or checking out their calendar on the web If you're an artist or photographer looking to spread your wings in NYC or simply stay social in this time of isolation, check out their membership program Members include local wave-makers like: David Vega, a street photographer from the Lower East Side neighborhoods of 1970s Manhattan. Vega's photographs of the legendary CBGB can still be seen on their website. Bree Chapin, originally from New Jersey works as a project manager in IT. In addition to producing her own acrylic painting work she organizes art battles and gallery programming at the downtown space Sourmouse, with Evan Salton of Fat Free Gallery. Furusho von Puttkammer is an accomplished oil painter/performance artist and the newly appointed Director of the Art in Odd Places, an annual performance art festival on 14th street entering its 18th year. Employed directly by the studio are Coner "conexbone" Corbett, an award winning illustrator and cartoonist, and Brandon Wisecarver, best known for managing the Con Artist Collective in the twenty-teens. Solas Studio 117 East 24th Street, 2D New York City, NY, 10010 +1 (212) 42PHOTO (+1 (212) 427-4686) SOURCE Solas Studio

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