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Get your island vibes in Montréal


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Welcome to Montreal at the confluence of North America and Europe. Montreal is an international destination of choice and Canada's best island getaway easily accessible by land, water, and air the city center is just 20 minutes from the international airport From Montreal Trudeau you'll find the metropolis and gateway to Canada to be the perfect place to blend access to wellness and nature with a memorable urban experience.

Montreal is known for its creative vibe and innovative inspiration, you can be whoever you want to be in Montreal, whatever your lifestyle or budget, you're sure to find accommodation and activities to meet all your expectations.

The island has over 25,000 hotel rooms, with 16,000 of them located right in the heart of the city center and many of them are directly connected to metro stations, shopping centers, and the massive underground pedestrian network we call the resort. discovering downtown, including the majestic golden square mile and the always lively Catie de show, which is the day and night entertainment district whenever Montreal is safe and walkable and downtown is part sophistication and part entertainment for first-time visitors here are some of my most cherished activities.

See the city from the top of Place Vin Marie and stroll and shop along Saint Catherine Street, Canada's longest shopping street.

Sip cocktails on a patio on the lively crescent street during f1 week and visit the city subway the reseau which has over 33 kilometers of the pedestrian network connecting all types of buildings explore downtown Montreal's shining lighthouse the golden square mile home of glitz and glamor since the 19th century you can find some of our most luxurious hotels and boutiques in this part of the city.

Then head to the spectacular café and end your evening with dinner and a live show night or day scorching summer heat or wintry cold the spectacular café welcomes all walks of life in its more than 80 cultural spaces and eight beautiful public spaces that offer a diverse range of activities, including no less than 40 festivals, one of which is Montreal's international jazz festival, the largest of its kind in the world, and another is Fair for Laughs, a comedy festival that is also the largest in the world. gender in the world.

Start your day with a fresh croissant or a french pastry and coffee from one of the many sustainable and artisan bakeries and coffee shops located throughout the city Montreal has undergone a coffee revolution in recent years and the coffee shops are amazing to spend the day exploring the cobbled streets of old Montreal enjoy there is a whirlwind of activity in the old port located right next door, while the side and back streets of old Montreal hold enough secrets best revealed on repeat visits these epic gems of Vieux Cartier are truly the pride and joy from the city marvel at Notre dame, take a walk back in time through place giacartier and stroll along the saint paul route the oldest street in the city you can even climb to the top of the chapel of Notre dame de Bono and share the view of São Lourenço with the statues of angels around you.

You can pretend to be an archaeologist and trace the fortifications of the Puente caglia archeology museum.

Hungry, there are plenty of options for dining in Old Montreal, you can people-watch from a terrace in the plaza Cartier take in the views from a hotel rooftop or take a cruise to St Lawrence while you dine on local cuisine after lunch and prepare it. if for a little adrenaline in the old port of Montreal. You can fly through the air on the MTL zipline or conquer a pirate ship with voilá voil you can even sail around saint Lawrence on a river cruise with iml or latiche if you want something a little more thrilling with a little more adrenaline rapids ride Lachine with soat mutong or go surfing yes you can surf in Montreal.

If you're looking for something a little more relaxed, why not stroll along the waterfront and discover some of the unique shopping kiosks you can sit at.

the beach of the clock tower and catch the rays you can even learn a little in Santro destians if you want to explore more, it's not a problem to get on a bike you can rent one at the Sahul bike shop or buy a bixie they are on the streets they are everywhere places you just rent one and cycle along the green shores of the Lachine canal and head to pak jardrepo this beautiful park on two islands facing the island of Montreal prides itself on its green surroundings with 1200 parks five beaches and more than 800 kilometers of bike paths after so much exploring, reward yourself with something like a body spa treatment and you can take in views of the st Lawrence river and the beautiful monsoon skyline.

End your amazing day high above the city at lag hondru the largest and fairest wheel in Canada or watch the lefer international Quebec fireworks or explore the city's history with the city memories art exhibition that is free and neighborhood-wide.

now is the time to devote your energy and curiosity to the many authentic and lively neighborhoods and truly live like a local Montreal features many different neighborhoods all with their personality and charm so first start your day with a traditional Montreal brunch more than that a meal is practically a religion in this city after all that food you're sure to want to burn it so I say hop on the subway and head to the mojale plateau and end mile neighborhoods. Away from the tourist crowds, these dynamic areas offer authentic Montreal experiences, and some shops, and Mount Royal Avenue is filled with original boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, making it the perfect spot for an afternoon stroll.

Art is more your thing to admire the murals along the boulevard the still hungry sailor grab some smoked meat sandwiches or some bagels and head to Zhen Moss Park for an impromptu picnic if you're feeling energetic stroll through Mount Royal Park and be rewarded by stunning views from Kandia Ronk Lookout.

End your day with an exquisite dinner along avenue bernard, in the leafy neighborhood of Outremont, tucked away in the cozy and relaxing atmosphere of the neighborhood, culinary treasures await the discovery of something simple like gelato to copious fine dining with international touches this avenue it is one of the most inviting corners of the city enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your hotel before heading out for a day full of culture and creativity this is really what Montreal does best. Montreal is truly the cultural capital of Canada so you don't you will want to miss none of the world-class exhibits you will find in the art museums and the history museums you can see post-impressionist paintings in the museum of fine arts or if you are more into cutting edge contemporary art head to mac for something like reality cinematic virtual there is no place like phi center and then the biggest immersive destination in Canada is right here and it is called immersive the oasis.

If you are traveling with family, there is something else you can do, go to the space for life there, you can visit the penguins in the completely renovated biodome, you can even stroll along the botanical garden paths to check out the beauty there and then go and see some insects in the insectarium, you can even see the starry sky in the planetarium, it's amazing. If you're curious about the history of Montreal historyontrealhistory, head to the McCord museum or even the mem that's about to open to learning more about our amazing city.

To experience all the museums Montreal has to offer, all you need to do is grab the passport that gives you entry to your choice of five unforgettable Montreal attractions just for one low price, if you want to buy some art when you're in Montreal, something is sure to catch your eye in a variety of works by local and international artists in the city's art galleries which are simply amazing, did you know that Montreal has over a thousand works of public art that you can visit on the discovery of this impressive work by art by nearly 500 Quebec and international artists located truly in the four corners of the city cap off your last stay in Montreal with a memorable dining experience at one of the many Montreal restaurants that will offer you a magnificent dining experience and if you thought Montreal was just about festivals summer, think again.


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