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Creativity and innovation, the heart of Montréal’s urban energy


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Here we are in the international district of Montreal at the Palais Montreal convention center between old Montreal and the city center from here we can also access the underground city which has over 20 miles of pedestrian walkways, shops and restaurants is the perfect way to get around if it's raining and if it's sunny, you can use our public bike sharing system, bixy, which means bike and taxi.

Montreal is known for its creativity and innovation, growing rapidly, adapting, and evolving. Our city projects itself into the future keeping its creators at the center of all its decisions and its citizens at the center of all its actions among the top five video game-producing cities in the world and known as the capital of the Montreal circus combines artistic energy with its technological know-how to be a leader and technological creativity another good example of this is the oasis immersion.

Our newest attraction, situated in over 21,000 square feet of oasis, features non-contact exhibits.

The experience includes three immersive galleries with 360-degree projections and two light installations for your first exhibition inspirations you will discover a magnificent documentary about the sea as a source of life and inspiration.

At my side are the two co-founders of Oasis Immersion Nicola Lassonde and Dennis Levine; these two Quebecers created and opened this amazing new attraction during the pandemic are you ready?

We're sure to come and experience the best of Montreal's digital art creativity in oasis Canada's greatest immersive destination, sure to see you soon.


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