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Canada Day - A Respectful Honouring of Our Nation.

On July 1st, 2022, Saskatoon will host a respectful honouring of our nation. Activities for the day will move to the city's three core business improvement districts of Broadway, Downtown and Riversdale with activities orchestrated at River Landing I, KW Nasser Plaza, River Landing II and Victoria Park.

Canadian flag

Shad Ali, Project Director: "First we recognize that many of our Indigenous brothers and sisters are conflicted, at least, about involvement in Canada Day. We are committed to walking forward together in the spirit of reconciliation. We are guided by TRC Recommendations #43, #79. ii, and #94. And this includes making available education and information resources on our full history."

In making plans for Canada Day, it is acknowledged:

  • We all have a role in reconciliation as We are all Treaty People

  • That every person in Canada must know the truth about Canada's history and the impact of colonialism on Indigenous Peoples including the role and impact of aspects such as: Doctrine of Discovery; Residential School System; and failure to honour Treaties

  • There has been disproportionate harm brought about to and for Indigenous Peoples in Canada, many of which continue today and need reform.

This respectful Honouring is being designed and developed to include:

  • Involvement of Elders and Knowledge Keepers along with access to educational content

  • Indigenous Cultural Practices (Blessing; Story Telling; Dance and Song)

  • Celebration of Achievements of Canadians, complete with Bannock, cake and fireworks

  • Cultural presentations of song, dance, art and history

  • Bringing our community together to advance understanding and acceptance

  • Participation on Reconciliation Saskatoon's panel discussion on Reimagining Canada Day.

Mr. Ali went on to say: "Our activities on July 1st will include an amazing free Concert in the Park in partnership with Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, featuring Juno Nominated Tenille Arts. This concert is with thanks to funding from Heritage Canada, and will be part of the National broadcast on Canada Day." He also said: "The day will provide opportunities to honour our Indigenous culture, support for Ukrainian families, and a representation of the various cultures that form our cultural mosaic."

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