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208 Million American Adults (81%) to Travel for Summer 2022 With 80% Planning to Road Trip

According to a Survey by The Vacationer

The 81% is a 19% increase from those who said they planned to travel in last year's survey. 42% will "revenge travel" this summer.

A new survey from The Vacationer ( shows that 208 Million American adults (80.84%) plan to travel this summer. More than 20% plan to travel internationally despite the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

summer travel road trip data

The Vacationer anonymously polled, via SurveyMonkey, 1,096 American adults on March 1, 2022. Results were analyzed by The Vacationer's Eric Jones, who is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Rowan College South Jersey. The survey was conducted to find out how many Americans will travel this summer, if they will travel more than last summer, and if they will be flying or driving.

Key Stats

Summer Travel Will Be Up 19% From Last Year

Participants were asked if they plan to travel this summer.

Yes, one time. — 36.04% Yes, more than once. — 44.80% No. — 19.16%

Last year's summer survey showed 67.72% intended to travel. This year's figure shows 80.84%, which is a 19.37% increase.

Over 20% to Travel Internationally

The survey shows that 20.44% plan to travel internationally this summer. That is despite nearly 40% saying they are reconsidering travel plans because of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. (

Nearly 80% to Take a Road Trip

Participants were asked if they will take a road trip this summer.

No. — 20.07% Yes, within 100 miles of my home. — 18.70% Yes, within 250 miles of my home. — 21.35% Yes, within 500 miles of my home. — 21.53% Yes, within 1,000 miles of my home. — 11.59% Yes, more than 1,000 miles from my home. — 6.75%

The 80% represents nearly 206 million Americans. Over 18% will take a road trip more than 500 miles from their home.

Over 42% to "Revenge Travel" This Summer

Participants were asked how much they will travel this summer compared to last summer.

More than Last Summer. — 42.06% The Same as Last Summer. — 46.08% Less than Last Summer. — 11.86%

More than 42% say they will travel more this summer than last summer with Covid-19 cases and restrictions subsiding. Only 25% said they would travel more in last year's survey.

More Than 50% to Fly on an Airplane

Participants were asked if they will travel on a plane this summer.

Yes, one time. — 28.10% Yes, more than once. — 22.72% No. — 49.18%

Nearly 1 in 4 Americans say they will fly more than once.

36% Feel Less Safer Traveling Due to the Ongoing Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Participants were asked how they feel about traveling right now.

Less Safe than Before. — 35.95% About the Same. — 61.77% More Safe than Before. — 2.28%

Despite nearly 36% saying they feel less safe, many people will be traveling this summer.

About The Vacationer:

The Vacationer is a company providing comprehensive breaking news and guides to help with travel and vacation planning. Designed for both personal and business travelers as well as families, The Vacationer also provides tips on how to maximize travel points and miles. Learn more at

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